Text Credit Use Summary

Breakdown of Text Credit UsageCost Breakdown: MT

Outgoing Messages (MT)In general, all outgoing SMS messages (MT) cost 1 text credit. (Each MMS message costs 4 text credits.)

MTs are sent during:

Contact Collection

  • Keywords
    • Keyword auto-response
    • Follow-on auto-response
    • Alternate auto-response
    • Keyword sign-up notification sent to registered phone
  • Sign-Up Pages
    • Online sign-up page SMS auto-response
    • Online sign-up page confirmation message
    • Facebook Widget SMS auto-response

Premium SMS Features

  • Mobile Voting
    • Mobile voting choices
    • Mobile voting auto-response
  • Shuffle Responder
    • Shuffle responses
    • "End of Shuffle" response message
  • Text-to-Screen
    • Text-to-Screen auto-response
    • Text-to-Screen subscriber submissions

Message Sending

  • Any messages sent to mobile numbers
  • Automated message sent in response to user “Text Reply” message
  • Appointment Reminders

Exceptions to 1 credit rule:

  • SMS messages sent to international numbers vary. Click here to see the international text credit charge breakdown.
  • Any failed delivery costs will be refunded (unless it fails due to invalid mobile number), total text credits used for failed deliveries is 0.
  • The "Welcome" message sent after keyword signup or online sign-up page opt-in is free.
  • The message is "[Organization Name]: Welcome! Msg&Data rates may apply. Get [x] msg/mo of [DESCRIPTION]. Reply HELP for help, STOP to OptOut. [office number]"

Inbound Messages (MO)In general, all incoming messages (MO) cost 1 credit for toll-free numbers.

Examples of incoming messages include:


  • Texting in a keyword to a short code
  • Subscribers may also send in messages which will be sent to the keyword inbox.
    • If "example sample message" is sent to 96362, "sample message" will show up in the account's inbox.

Send Message

  • If a subscriber replies to any blast they have received from our system without preceding the message with a keyword, it will be considered a "Text Reply."
    • These messages cost 0 text credits and are submitted to the text reply inbox.

Exceptions to the free MO rule:

  • For mobile voting, each MO costs the user 0.5 credit.
  • For the shuffle responder, each MO costs the user 0.5 credit.
  • For text-to-screen responder, each MO costs the user 0.5 credit.
  • If the user is utilizing the API, he/she will be charged 1 credit for every MO.