Text Messaging For IT Departments

Texting for IT Departments

In today’s digital world, IT departments that run smoothly are paramount to the operation and security of a company. Using text messages to quickly communicate information can improve how you alert users to an issue and get solutions implemented quickly. Trumpia pairs the power of texting for IT departments with a fully automated multi-channel solution, helping your department save time while effectively boosting your efficiency and security.

IT Department SMS Use Cases

  • Send Alerts

    Since 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, you can alert employees in minutes to do things like update anti-virus software or alert them of suspicious emails or outages.

    Appointment Reminders

    A missed appointment wastes everyone’s time. With appointment reminders, you can send alerts to everyone who has an appointment automatically.

  • Schedule Service Appointments

    Cut down on the back and forth of scheduling things like service calls with two-way landline texting. You can even include a link to your calendar so they can book an open spot by themselves. If they don’t click the link, you can even automatically resend it so they follow through.

    Streamline Service

    Have a two-way text conversation between your department and employees by text-enabling your office’s number, saving you from long calls, messages getting lost in an inbox, or playing phone tag.

  • Boost Security

    With the right texting solution you can enable two-factor authentication so that your employees can safely log in to their accounts.

Trumpia IT Features

Omni-Channel API

Trumpia’s powerful Omni-Channel API (including text and email) comes with a Toll-Free number, and you’ll be able to send up to 150 SMS messages per second. We offer REST, HTTP, and SMTP APIs for features like mass texting, one-to-one communication, contact synchronization, two-factor authentication, and keywords through a variety of application languages. We also have Zapier integration which will allow you to automatically coordinate actions between Trumpia and hundreds of software you already use on a daily basis.

Manage Data and Access with Enterprise Features

With Trumpia’s Access Control, you can create specific rules so that each location only has access to their customers’ contact information. This means that your Bay Area location won’t accidentally send offers to customers in Los Angeles. For your corporate office, we offer a suite of enterprise grade tools that are designed to give you greater control and security of your brand and franchise operations.