Text Messaging For IT Departments

In today’s digital world, IT departments that run smoothly are paramount to the operation and security of a company. Using text messages to quickly communicate information can improve how you alert users to an issue and get solutions implemented quickly. Trumpia pairs the power of SMS with a fully automated omni-channel solution, helping your department save time while effectively bolstering your efficiency and security.

Use Cases

  • 01 Increase Efficiency with Automation

    Trumpia’s powerful automation delivers 3 main advantages:

    • Smart Targeting: Intelligently segment your employees based on their location or department, so you can send alerts to only the affected ones.
    • Click-through Tracking: Send links to onboarding material or new security memos, and automatically remind employees who haven’t clicked it yet a week later.
    • Text Bot: Our intelligent Text Bot system can automatically answer common troubleshooting questions or direct the employee to the proper IT representative. See example
  • 02 Improve Employee Satisfaction
    • Have a two-way text conversation between your department and employees by text-enabling your office’s number, saving you from long calls, messages getting lost in an inbox, or playing phone tag.
    • Since 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes, you can alert employees in minutes to do things like update anti-virus software or alert them of suspicious emails or outages.
    • Solicit employee feedback via SMS surveys, which have a 7.5x higher response rate than emails.
    • Train employees to text in keywords like “ITHELP” to get fast responses and help troubleshoot.
  • 03 Integrate SMS into your existing systems
    • Trumpia's powerful Omni-Channel API (including text and email) comes with a free shared short code, and you'll be able to send up to 300 SMS messages per second. We offer REST, HTTP, and SMTP APIs for features like mass texting, one-to-one communication, contact synchronization, two-factor authentication, and keywords through a variety of application languages.
    • We also have Zapier integration which will allow you to automatically coordinate actions between Trumpia and hundreds of software you already use on a daily basis. See example Zaps