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Text Messaging For
Military Bases

SMS For Military Bases

Think about it, chances are if you are reading this, you probably have already sent at least one text message today, or read at least one text message. That's because text messages have a jaw dropping read rate of 98%. This is why text messaging for military bases is a perfect communication tool, especially for it's ease and speed in which you can communicate. This also applies for military bases that need a way to talk to one troops and their families. Trumpia can help support large military bases who need our advanced text message automation tools in order to make their operations run smoothly.

How to Use Text Messaging for Military Bases

  • Dedicated short code iconPromote Base Activities

    One of the best ways you can use SMS marketing is to organize your text messages around different campaigns or events. This is all possible through keyword technology. By posting your keywords on your base and online, you can make sure there are high signup rates because of the ease of subscribing. Furthermore, Trumpia can collect meaningful data1 on anyone attending events by simply asking a question and capturing their answers. You can then use this data in order to target a specific audience that may be less engaged or that you know will want to come to your event.

    Image of a subaccountBoost Event Attendance

    Our integrated omni-channel communications allow you to inform residents of community events across email, voice and texting, all from one platform. This will help you significantly reduce no-shows with event reminders that automatically get sent to anyone who shows interest by clicking a link or responding "Yes" to your invite.

  • Warning IconSend Critical Alerts

    Text message alerts are the fastest way to make sure a critical message is heard. They're nearly instantaneous, with 90% of texts being read within 3 minutes of delivery. So when something happens on your base that requires immediate attention, Trumpia has the tool you need to ensure people stay safe.

    Illustration of a bubble with a question mark in itAnswer Questions

    Text-enable your base's existing landline number, so your staff can answer pressing questions without playing phone tag or dealing with buried emails. Your base residents will also appreciate not having to be tied up on a call as they go about their busy schedules.

  • Survey IconGet Feedback

    Did you know that text messages get responded to 7.5x more often than emails? This means when you want to know how your residents felt about an event or your operations, an SMS survey is the way to go. Our text messaging for military bases software is even able to automate these surveys for you, sending different messages based on how happy/unhappy they say they are.

What Military Bases are saying about Trumpia

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    "Trumpia has been an amazing tool to reach people living on the base. With knowledgeable experts and a deep feature set, Trumpia has truly helped us grow our subscriber base, increase our event attendance, and share valuable information. We couldn't be happier with the results."

    - Tierra Kimble, Marketing Director, McConnell Air Force Base


    "We are definitely seeing more interest and excitement about our events now that we can send the information directly to our customers. And with the fact that people can now opt-in for the exact information they want to know, we are building customer relationships that we wouldn't have been able to maintain before."

    - Catron Holland, Marketing/Publicity Assistant & Social Media Director, 87th Force Support Squadron