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Text Messaging for
Affiliate Marketing

Reach More Customers with the Power of Texting

Email is certainly still an effective marketing tool, but they still run the risk of ending up in the spam folder. This has led to more and more performance marketing businesses turning to text messaging for affiliate marketing in order to better reach their customers. The most important thing for affiliate and performance marketing companies to understand is they need to avoid the pitfalls of breaking various TCPA and CTIA regulations. Trumpia has a platform that goes beyond simple mass text messaging and gives affiliate marketers the tools to win more customers. Our advanced tools include automated targeting and workflows along with a powerful API to reach the volume of customers required to make a meaningful impact.

Use Cases of Text Messaging for Affiliate Marketing

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    Reach More Customers

    In order to get the best results you need to be able to cast the widest net possible. With Trumpia you can collect contacts automatically with text keywords and online signup pages, as well as importing existing customers (as long as you have their consent). With every new contact our system can automatically ask them questions and capture their answers, sending them different messages based on their replies. Even better, our automated workflows can carry out two-way interactions with every subscriber, leading to more meaningful engagement and better conversion rate.

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    Trumpia's Texting for Affiliate Marketing in Action

    Katch is an award winning software company, best known for enabling brands to engage and monetize visitors to their website – even those that don't buy. For larger clients, Katch also works as a marketing agency, sending messages on their behalf. But due to the sheer number of messages, an exorbitant amount of time was needed to organize, categorize, and respond to inbound messages, leading to low response times and missed opportunities.

    Katch wanted to test the power of texting by using it to manually send messages. After seeing positive results, they turned to Trumpia's unique Subscription API functionality in order to sync contacts from their database into Trumpia's database. With this, Katch is able to use data that they collect (like gender, income level, zip code, state, and other important data) to automatically target the most relevant subscribers with the right message at the right time with Trumpia. This led to more quality touch points that lead to more engaged subscribers.

    Ultimately, Katch saw some amazing results including 4x higher ROI than what they had seen with email and a revenue increase of 22%.

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    Target Your Messages

    Once you have a lead's contact information and have learned what they are looking for, you are ready to target your messages. Only Trumpia can effectively target your messages in multifaceted ways that enable you to get the highest ROI possible. With our exclusive Smart Targeting you can target your messages to the right customers automatically.

    For example, if your client is a retail store, you can send one message with a promotion to people who are looking for makeup deals, while sending a different promotion to people who are interested in sporting goods.Then you can further refine your messages, like sending repeat customers different deals and coupons, as well as reminders before the sale expires. This can all be done automatically without having to program anything yourself or waste employee manhours sending offers manually.

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    Choose The Right Messaging Partner

    Not all text messaging for affiliate marketing providers are made equal. If your messaging provider isn't stringent in their messaging compliance, your messaging campaigns will get shut down by aggregators. Trumpia's standing in the industry and our relationships with aggregators allow us to reliably send your messages, reducing the risk of your messages being flagged. When other providers say they can't send a message, we dig in to find a solution that works for you and the carriers. Our dedicated team will work with you to help keep your messages compliant.

What Affiliate Marketing Is Saying About Trumpia

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    "This Automation engine has saved my development team countless hours of development time. In addition to driving up revenue, the Trumpia system helps us keep our customers satisfied because the quality of traffic that we send them is unmatched!"

    - Adrian Nam, Senior Marketing Manager at Katch

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