Email To SMS Software

Engaging Your Customers With SMS
and Email

Businesses are always looking for the most effective and convenient way to reach new customers. That’s why more and more are turning to Trumpia to reach their audience with text messages. Email-to-SMS services are perfect for quick communication and letting companies reach their audience with SMS and email. When a business uses Trumpia to send a targeted text message, they can engage with their customers, boosting revenue, and help build better relationships.

What are Email-to-SMS Services?

Email-to-SMS services allow businesses to send text messages to their customers and also send that same message to their email account, reaching a wider audience. These are the same as the text messages you send every day to coworkers and friends, just sent via an email interface, meaning it is a natural marketing and customer service channel and a great way to engage with your audience.

The Trumpia platform marries the popularity of email with the effectiveness of text messaging with Email-to-SMS, also known as an SMTP interface. It sends and receives texts through any email account or your company's email server.

The Trumpia Advantage

  • Powerful Automation

    Trumpia’s service is the industry leader in automation as it enables our users to carry out their SMS messaging campaigns automatically. Our service functionality will save you time and resources by automatically taking care of cores for you, giving you and your employees more time to focus on what’s important.

    • Our Auto Campaigns can carry out complicated campaigns for you, getting you the best results with minimum effort.
    • Our intelligent Text Bot can dynamically interact with your subscribers based on their behavior, allowing you to provide the best service, all automatically.
  • Lifecycle Engagement

    Trumpia has something no other service has - Lifecycle Engagement. This means our intelligent system can manage your customers interactions for you, leading to higher satisfaction with your company as they move through their lifecycle with your business.

    • From signup to customer service to surveys and feedback, our service will lead to more meaningful and profitable interactions with your customers.
    • Customers will become advocates for your organization and generate repeat business because they will have received top-notch service.
  • Smart Targeting

    Trumpia’s Smart Targeting allows you to segment contacts into different groups based on how you want to target them. Trumpia’s service is the only one that can effectively and intelligently ensure you reach your contacts 100% of the time.

    • Some Email-to-SMS services only broadcast messages in an untargeted way. Trumpia’s Smart Targeting will automatically target messages to your contacts, maximizing your message’s reach.
    • Trumpia manages your contact lists in real time, making sure that they are up to date and include your new subscribers at all times.
  • Omnichannel Messaging

    Trumpia has multiple channels so that you can engage your audience no matter their preferred channel.

    • Trumpia’s email marketing can do the same thing for your email marketing efforts as it can do for your marketing. This includes messaging templates, scheduling, and automation capabilities.
    • Voice messaging can still be highly effective. Our system lets you broadcast voice messages to each of your subscribers.