Automated Text Message Workflows for Government Agencies

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Why Use Automated Text Message Workflows for Government Agencies

Government agencies can use features like Automated Text Message Workflows to communicate with the public and send public safety alerts quickly.

Automated Text Message Workflows allow companies or departments like Government Agencies to fully automate their manual processes by carrying out repetitive tasks. Automated Workflows can do things like carrying out conversations with customers without the need to dedicate staff to answer frequently asked questions. Not all automated text message workflows are the same, as many workflow providers really only offer drip campaigns that look like workflows. Trumpia’s Automated Workflows can be fully customized in order to best meet the needs of your customers, allowing you to create winning campaigns that can help with things like lead generation, answering frequently asked questions, data collection, and carrying out intelligent drip campaigns. On top of all of this, our workflows come with pre-built templates that you can customize in a matter of minutes. This means you don't have to program anything yourself, just choose a text message workflow, adjust the settings to suit your needs, and you’re set.

Overview of Automated Text Message Workflows for Government Agencies

Features like Automated Text Message Workflows allow Government Agencies to connect with the public and distribute information about things like elections or new policy updates.

So how do Automated Text Message Workflows work? First, you have to find an SMS messaging provider like Trumpia. Then, if you’re using Trumpia, it’s as easy as signing in, choosing a pre-built template, and customizing it. You can also build a workflow from scratch with Workbench, our Automated Workflow builder. Workbench allows you to build workflows that will actually help Government Agencies contacts communicate with your staff or meet your messaging goals, and it takes only a few minutes to get a workflow up and running. Workflows contain various triggers that will carry out actions once they are activated. You then have the option to carry out other actions, pause and wait for the contact to meet a certain trigger, or end the workflow once the desired outcome has been met. What really sets Workbench automated workflows apart is the depth of features, as well as real-time reporting so you can see how customers or contacts are interacting with your workflows. The depth of features and the ROI you will see from Trumpia’s Automated Text Message Workflows is unmatched in the texting industry.