Automated Text Messaging for Employee Communications

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Why Use Automated Text Messaging for Employee Communications

Texting is perfect for employee communication because it allows you to reach them no matter where they are, and Automated Text Messaging keeps them more engaged.

Automated Text Messages are SMS messages that are sent automatically to subscribers. Automated text messages help Employee Communications to better reach their customers or contacts in profound and interactive ways. Automated text messages can be very simple, like automated appointment reminders that just send a single message to subscribers to remind them about an appointment or event. But with a texting service like Trumpia you can harness Automated Text Messages to do things like run complex workflows that can help with lead generation or answer frequently asked questions for you without the need to have an employee tied to the phone answering questions. Trumpia’s automated workflows allow you to send automated messages that react based on how the customer responds, so you can give them a tailored yet automated experience that is sure to help boost revenue, increase employee efficiency, and reduce the number of manual errors that every employee makes.

Overview of Automated Text Messaging for Employee Communications

Employee communication can be boosted by using features like Automated Text Messaging to automate manual chores that waste man hours.

So how do you get started with Automated Text Messages? First you need to select an automated text message service like Trumpia. These SMS services allow industries like Employee Communications to use automated text messages to meet certain needs, like customer outreach, employee communication, and automating manual chores that eat up much of your employee’s day. Automated Text Messages can helpEmployee Communications because SMS services like Trumpia can be fully integrated into your existing systems in two different ways. First, you can integrate via API, which allows you to send automated SMS messages whenever a certain action is taken in your system, like when a new contact is added or when a contact reaches a certain threshold. The other way to integrate is via Trumpia’s powerful Zapier suite. Zapier allows thousands of different programs to talk to eachother and send messages when certain triggers are met, like if a spreadsheet in Google Sheets is updated or when a contact takes a certain action, like abandoning a cart in Shopify.