Landline Texting for Accounting and Billing

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Why Use Landline Texting for Accounting and Billing

Texting is perfect for Accounting and Billing because accountants can use features like Landline Texting to better meet their goals of streamlining communication with clients or employees and gathering the correct information.

Landline texting is a way for industries or departments like Accounting and Billing to carry out conversations with their customers, using their existing landline number. This lets them carry out two-way text conversations with their customers or contacts, allowing them to personalize their messages and answer customer questions quickly. One of the biggest benefits of landline texting has for industries or departments like Accounting and Billing is it allows your customer service team to carry out multiple conversations at once, meaning they are not limited to one customer at a time on the phone. While many texting services offer landline texting, none of them have the depth of features surrounding landline texting that Trumpia has. First, we can automate answering frequently asked questions for your service team, so they have to carry out fewer landline texting conversations with customers. Then, we can do automated follow up with customers like sending them surveys or coupons in order to better gauge the customer experience and provide personalized service.

Overview of Landline Texting for Accounting and Billing

Texting is perfect for the crunch of tax season and communicating throughout the fiscal year, and Landline Texting is great for communicating with clients or employees no matter where they are.

So how can industries or departments like Accounting and Billing get started with landline texting? First you need to text-enable your existing landline number. You need to sign up for SMS service like Trumpia to do this, and once you do you can start promoting your number as text-enabled to your customers. This is great for customers too, as they don't have to worry about being on hold, and can carry out a conversation at their own pace. Customers just have to text in to start a conversation, but you can start conversations too. If a customer opts in to receive text messages from your company, you can send them messages with things like promotional offers, shipping alerts, or any other kind of message, as long as it’s something they’ve consented to. If you choose Trumpia as your landline texting provider you can then carry out automated interactions with your customers, like initiating drip campaigns to boost repeat sales.