Mass Texting for Spas and Salons

The Communication Channel With A Proven 98% Open Rate

Why Use Mass Texting for Spas and Salons

Spas and salons should use texting features like Mass Texting to book more appointments and in turn send more reminders.

Mass Texting is the marketing and messaging technique of sending hundreds to thousands of text messages to customers or contacts all at the same time. Just like SMS Marketing, Mass Texting is perfect for Spas and Salons because it allows you to reach your audience in seconds, no matter where they are. But not all Mass Texting services are the same. While some Mass Texting services can help your Spas and Salons to reach a lot of your subscribers, they also will lead to more opt-outs because those subscribers will feel spammed. Trumpia’s unique Smart Targeting allows you to target your messages to your contacts in order to reduce opt-outs and make your contacts feel like the messages they receive are relevant to them. Even better, Trumpia’s Automated Workflows can help your Spas and Salons to carry out conversations with subscribers and lead them down different messaging paths, leading to better engagement and fewer opt-outs.

Overview of Mass Texting for Spas and Salons

Features like Mass Texting allow spas and salons to communicate with customers and fill any holes they have in their schedules.

So how does Mass Texting for your Spas and Salons work? First, you need to get customers to sign up to receive your messages because you cannot carry out Mass Texting without a customer’s consent to receive messages. They can quickly opt themselves into your messaging lists by texting in a SMS Keyword to your registered phone number. Trumpia can then gather targeting information with our Data Capture in order to better target messages to your customers and reduce opt-outs. Trumpia’s Automated Workflows can even kick in, leading customers down different messaging paths that are relevant to Spas and Salons. Further actions can include sending emails, a follow-up text, asking more questions to learn more about them, as well as other things. So while other Mass Texting solutions can offer some features like mass messaging, none of them can offer the level of personalization and customization that Trumpia can offer its Spas and Salons clients.