Multi-channel Messaging for Retail

The Communication Channel With A Proven 98% Open Rate

Why Use Multi-channel Messaging for Retail

Retail stores can use SMS features like Multi-channel Messaging to collect more potential customers and send targeted SMS offers and alerts.

Multi-channel messaging is the technique of sending messages to contacts across multiple channels in order to reach the widest number of customers or contacts. While it traditionally refers to email and SMS messaging, there are other channels too, like voice messages or MMS picture messages. This is particularly effective for industries or departments like Retail that need to reach their contacts quickly, across multiple channels. Not all text or email companies can carry out multi-channel messaging, but luckily Trumpia can. Our SMS and Email automation allows us to tailor your messages to your contacts in real time, and all of our channels work in conjunction so you are only sending messages to contacts on channels that they want to receive messages on. When you add on top our powerful automation and workflows, industries or departments like Retail will see a substantial gain in customer satisfaction and a massive ROI on your messaging dollars.

Overview of Multi-channel Messaging for Retail

When retail stores use features like Multi-channel Messaging they can collect customer contact information and learn more about their preferences so they can send personalized messages.

So how can industries or departments like Retail get started with Multi-channel messaging? First you need to sign up for a provider that can carry out multi-channel campaigns, like Trumpia. Then you simply have to import a contact list (provided you have express written consent from your contacts) or build your own lists with Text Keywords. Trumpia’s system is great for Retail because we can ask questions to your contacts in order to learn more about them so that your multi-channel messages can be targeted in the future. Trumpia’s most powerful multi-channel feature, Automated Workflows, allow you to carry out personalized email or text interactions with your subscribers. This means you can do anything from upselling and promoting sales to answering customer questions and communicating with employees. The thing that makes Trumpia’s multi-channel offering the best on the marketplace is we coordinate campaigns across multiple channels, ensuring nearly 100% channel coverage while tailoring to your contact’s preferences, all automatically.