SMS Auto Responder for Non-Profit Organizations

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Why Use SMS Auto Responder for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations use SMS features like SMS Auto Responder to reach volunteers and drum up support for their fundraisers.

An SMS Auto Responder is an automated program from an SMS messaging service that automatically replies to a customer when they text in to a company's phone number. They can be pre-programmed to respond how you want them to customers. This helps industries and organizations like Non-Profit Organizations to give customers information or just to simply greet them when they join their mobile marketing lists. SMS Auto responders can help Non-Profit Organizations customers to better service their contacts by giving them helpful information and, with Trumpia’s automation, can even answer questions and direct them to the appropriate department or employee. SMS Auto responders can even ask customers questions and then capture their answers so that you can use that information to better target your messages in the future. Trumpia’s automation goes above and beyond auto responders, allowing customers to carry out complex workflows when contacts text in, like initiating a drip campaign or helping with lead generation and qualification.

Overview of SMS Auto Responder for Non-Profit Organizations

Features like SMS Auto Responder allow non-profits to reach supporters no matter where they are and organize events in real time.

So how do you set up an SMS auto responder? It’s as easy as picking an SMS messaging service (like Trumpia) and choosing your keyword. An SMS keyword is a word or short phrase a contact can text in to sign up for your SMS messaging or marketing lists. Then your SMS auto responder can be programmed to send either canned or customized messages depending on how much you know about your contacts. Trumpia’s SMS auto responders go above and beyond, as they can even be programmed as automated workflows that can do things like automated text bot that can answer customer questions automatically. If you choose Trumpia as your SMS auto responder provider you can then carry out automated interactions with your customers, like initiating drip campaigns to boost repeat sales. Auto responders are perfect for industries or departments like Non-Profit Organizations because they allow you to provide fast and personalized service without having to dedicate precious manhours for repetitive tasks.