SMS Clickthrough Tracking for Medical Offices

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Why Use SMS Clickthrough Tracking for Medical Offices

Medical offices are turning to SMS features like SMS Clickthrough Tracking to reach patients and coordinate with them for their appointments.

Clickthrough Tracking is the marketing or messaging feature that can track whether a contact has sent a link to them via email or SMS message, and then take further action. Typically the further action is either a reminder to click the link if they have not, or to add information to their contact record if they have clicked the link. There are a variety of uses for this in industries or departments like Medical Offices. One is that it allows organizations like Medical Offices to track how customers interact with their messaging, and gives real-world insight into how they should be interacting with their customers. By tracking interest and intelligently following up with customers, it allows these organizations to better meet the needs of their customers and alter their messaging or marketing strategy. In addition, clickthrough tracking can be tracked, and reports can be generated to see where and when customers interact or end engagement with their campaign.

Overview of SMS Clickthrough Tracking for Medical Offices

SMS features like SMS Clickthrough Tracking allow medical offices to carry out text conversations with patients in order to better their care.

So how do organizations like Medical Offices get started with Clickthrough Tracking? First, they need to choose a messaging platform like Trumpia that has intelligent automation that can track how customers interact with their messages. While some competitors can do simple clickthrough tracking like sending a followup message, Trumpia can do so much more with their automated workflows. Our system can track which customers click which links (across a variety of channels like Email and texting) and then take further action, like qualifying them based on their interest and behavior. This can help companies track a leads’ interest, or just simply move different customers to different contact groups based on their clickthrough behavior. Only Trumpia can fully automate this process, saving your staff from having to manually qualify leads and interact with them at every step of the qualification process. On top of this, Trumpia can generate reports to show where and when customers opt out, allowing you to streamline your messaging.