SMS Data Capture for Financial Services

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Why Use SMS Data Capture for Financial Services

Financial service institutions use SMS features like SMS Data Capture to reach their clients and ensure transactions run smoothly.

SMS Data Capture is the ability of an SMS program to learn about a subscriber based on their answers to your questions and then automatically save that information into a contact database for future targeting and personalization. Data capture is important for Financial Services because it allows you to use the collected information to better engage with your subscribers. Data capture is useful for gathering information for Financial Services because it can capture email addresses, age, name, birthday, product preferences, location, and more. While many SMS providers can use data capture and carry out basic message targeting with that information, that is just where Trumpia’s system begins. With Trumpia’s automated workflows you can automatically tailor messages to your subscribers in addition to tracking behavior and carrying out personalized interactions with thousands of subscribers, all automatically. The depth of targeting and customer interaction that Trumpia’s system can carry out is unprecedented, and your customers will appreciate the tailored approach to the messages they receive.

Overview of SMS Data Capture for Financial Services

The financial service industry can use features like SMS Data Capture as well as two-factor authentication to prevent fraud.

Targeting is only accurate if the data that you collect is meaningful. Trumpia’s data capture enables industries like Financial Services to ask questions and capture the responses instantly as you have conversations with your contacts. All data is automatically stored in your database, eliminating the need for manual entry. Our system can filter subscribers based on your collected data such as interests (e.g., what products they’re interested in), characteristics (e.g., location), and behavior (e.g., whether they clicked a link). Nothing is more damaging to your brand image and gets contacts to unsubscribe faster than receiving irrelevant messages. Trumpia’s targeting goes beyond the competition by letting you sort contacts into separate distribution groups based on criteria you collect in real-time like customer characteristics, specific interests, and their behavior. Unlike other services which just blast messages out, our automated targeting saves you from damaging your customer relationships or branding by only sending the most relevant information.