Text Keywords for Hotels and Hospitality

The Communication Channel With A Proven 98% Open Rate

Why Use Text Keywords for Hotels and Hospitality

SMS features like Text Keywords are great for the hospitality industry because it allows you to communicate with customers in real time via texting

Text Keywords are a way for customers to opt in to receive text messages from industries or departments like Hotels and Hospitality. By just texting in a simple SMS keyword to your company number, they are opting in to receive messages. They can opt out of these messages whenever they want, which is why it’s important to gain a customers trust. That’s where Trumpia comes in. While some texting services will take opt-ins and then just indiscriminately blast out messages, Trumpia instead can ask customers questions to learn more about them, and capture that data for better targeting in the future. This leads to fewer opt outs, a better customer experience, and overall a much higher ROI. In addition, Text keywords are the start of many other interactions, like kicking off Trumpia’s industry-leading Automated Workflows. Our Workflows can carry out complex interactions with subscribers, like answering any questions they have, giving them the information they need, or directing them to the appropriate department or employee.

Overview of Text Keywords for Hotels and Hospitality

The hospitality industry can use features like Text Keywords to communicate with guests and upsell things like spa packages or room service.

So how do industries or departments like Hotels and Hospitality get started with Text Keywords? First you need an SMS service like Trumpia that can get you started. Then you simply choose your text keyword and decide how you want to follow up with your contacts when they text that keyword in. Typically an auto responder will reply with a pre-written message to let contacts know what they are signing up for as well as thanking them for their interest. But that’s where most competitors end, Trumpia is just getting started. We have an intelligent system that can ask customers questions and capture their answers so that you can further target your messages in the future. Then our advanced Automated Workflows can carry out different campaigns ranging from onboarding new customers, promoting sales, reaching employees, or even just answering customer questions. The depth of Trumpia’s system starts with a simple text keyword and then adds value to your business throughout the customer lifecycle.