Text Message Reporting for Franchises

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Why Use Text Message Reporting for Franchises

Franchises can use SMS features like Text Message Reporting to communicate with franchise owners and ensure brand standards are being met.

Text message reporting is the ability of an SMS software to track various metrics that can then be analyzed and used to improve text messaging procedures. Text message reporting is important for industries or departments like Franchises because it allows them to get an accurate snapshot of how their outreach campaigns are doing and can give business analysts actionable insights into what is or isn't working. While some SMS services have basic reporting like how many messages are opened and how many are not delivered correctly, only Trumpia’s reporting gives our customers great insights. For instance, we can track link clicks as well as other behavior throughout our workflows, and tell our customers where their contacts are in the text messaging workflow. We also have graphs and statistics for industries or departments like Franchises that give customers a great insight into how our system is saving them money and how we can improve their text messaging campaigns going forward.

Overview of Text Message Reporting for Franchises

Texting features like Text Message Reporting can help franchises run smoothly and communicate with employees quickly and efficiently.

So how can industries or departments like Franchises take advantage of text message reporting? First, you need to sign up for a texting service like Trumpia. Then once you’ve built out your contact database and have begun your text messaging campaigns, you can analyze customer trends. A service like Trumpia can also help industries or departments like Franchises track customer interactions in real-time. Our automated workflows can act as automated attendants, answering common customer questions and doing things like forwarding the correct link or putting them in touch with the right employee or department, all automatically. With our text message reporting, you can see where customers are in your workflows and how they are interacting in general, giving you more information so you can improve your text messaging campaigns in the future. Trumpia has a team in place that can build out custom reports that give you even more insight into your customers and give you insight on things like credit usage, mobile voting results, and how and when customers are opting in or opting out.