Text Message Surveys for Accounting and Billing

The Communication Channel With A Proven 98% Open Rate

Why Use Text Message Surveys for Accounting and Billing

Texting is perfect for Accounting and Billing because accountants can use features like Text Message Surveys to better meet their goals of streamlining communication with clients or employees and gathering the correct information.

Text message surveys are electronic surveys that can ask text messaging subscribers questions in order to learn more about them and their preferences. SMS surveys are especially popular for Accounting and Billing because they allow you to learn actionable data about your subscribers so you can carry out successful email and text messaging campaigns. Not all text message surveys are created equally though. Some SMS surveys can only capture basic information like location, name, and email address. Trumpia’s advanced text message surveys can branch based on how the contact responds, so you can gather extremely specific and useful information that can help you better engage with your contacts, employees, or customers. SMS surveys are also wildly effective, as SMS messages have a read rate of 98% compared to email’s 22% read rate. With Trumpia you can cover your bases as we can send both email and text surveys, with all responses and information being added to your account so you can target all of your messages.

Overview of Text Message Surveys for Accounting and Billing

Texting is perfect for the crunch of tax season and communicating throughout the fiscal year, and Text Message Surveys is great for communicating with clients or employees no matter where they are.

So how can Accounting and Billing use SMS surveys? Great question! First you need to sign up for a text messaging service like Trumpia. This will enable you to both grow your contact list and send SMS text surveys to your contacts.Then you need to build out your text message survey. This can include questions or types of data to collect (that vary based on your provider) or custom fields (most competitors don't offer this, Trumpia does). Then you simply have to target who you want to receive your surveys, and send them out. One great thing Trumpia has found is you can incentivize customers to fill out surveys by offering them a coupon if they complete the survey. This leads to more responses because it’s a win-win for you and the customer. Trumpia’s automated workflows can do even more things with the information you gather from your survey, like generating leads or helping to push leads through your sales funnel, all automatically.