Text Messaging for IT Departments

The Communication Channel With A Proven 98% Open Rate

Why Use Text Messaging for IT Departments

IT departments can use features like Text Messaging to better communicate with employees and react to situations quickly.

Text messaging is the most common communication channel on the planet, and it’s no surprise why. Everyone constantly texts their friends and family, so it makes sense that businesses are now using this powerful messaging channel to meet their business objectives and market to or message their customers and employees. A mass texting service like Trumpia allows IT Departments to deliver messages to their contacts in seconds. With a read rate of ninety-eight percent, you can rest assured that your contacts will actually see your messages, often within three minutes of delivery. Not all texting providers are the same, however, only Trumpia can tailor messages to your contacts while automating interactions in meaningful and powerful ways. Trumpia’s SMS automation allows IT Departments to meet their business objectives by carrying out complex actions via automated workflows, enabling our customers to carry out complex campaigns like lead generation or automating conversations with subscribers.

Overview of Text Messaging for IT Departments

When seconds matter, IT departments need to use features like Text Messaging to communicate about threats like cyber attacks.

So how can an industry like IT Departments get started with text messaging? First you need to choose a text messaging service like Trumpia. Text messaging services allow you to do multiple things that a company would never be able to do at scale. You can mass message all of your customers at the same time, and you can schedule messages to go out at preset times. Trumpia goes beyond standard mass texting solutions by allowing you to target your messages intelligently so that you reduce opt-outs and have more meaningful interactions with your customers. Trumpia’s text messaging solution also allows you to automate complex tasks that no human could ever manually accomplish. For example, our automated workflows allow you to create lead generation campaigns or automated chatbots that can react to your customers and send them relevant messages automatically. Trumpia workbench, our automated workflow builder, even has pre-built workflows that you can customize in seconds to meet your business needs.