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Text Marketing for Clubs/Promoters

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Text Marketing for Clubs and Promoters

When you run a club, promotional company, or venue, you need to be able to get the word out to your audience. Text marketing for clubs/promoters is the perfect solution because your staff and guests always have their phones on them, meaning you have a convenient and powerful way to reach your audience while they are on the go.

How to Use Text Marketing for Clubs/Promoters

Illustration of various programs integrating with a texting software

Harness Your Social Media Following

When you run an entertainment company nowadays, you are only as powerful as your social media following. Jump A Roos, an indoor Family Entertainment Center, used texting and social media announcements to set a record attendance day that topped the previous record admission figures by a whopping 83%.

With Trumpia, you can leverage your social media following by posting a text keyword across your pages. Then, your followers can simply text it to receive the most up to date alerts about events and promotions.

Trumpia SMS software user easily sends out mass text messages

Keep Customers In The Loop With Texting

Texting's 98% read rate means it's unmatched in its ability to alert your customers with important information. Even better, Trumpia is able to capture customer data like the type of events they like to attend, so you only send relevant promotions that the person would actually be interested in. The 87th Force Support Squadron(87FSS) uses Trumpia for this very use case, boosting event attendance and keeping their audience informed about events they're interested in.

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Send Promotions

Only 22% of emails ever get read, which is just about a quarter of text messaging's read rate. So when you want to run campaigns like two tickets for the price of one, you can get more customers interested by sending it via SMS messages. You can even automatically send new customers a special offer when they sign up to receive your updates as an incentive.

Text conversation reminding a customer about an event

Promote New Shows

It takes a lot of work to effectively promote a show. You need to send out event alerts early on, and remember to send reminders throughout the month leading up to it while not annoying people who already said they're coming. With Trumpia, you can easily automate a lot of these processes.

For example, schedule reminders to go out ahead of time, so you don't have to do it manually. You can also include a shortened link in your messages that leads to a webpage with more information. Then, if they show interest by clicking the link, you can continue to send reminders. You can even integrate with the ticketing and scheduling software you already use today to automatically stop annoyances when they make a purchase.

Cellphone with a text message conversation showing Trumpia's survey capabilities

SMS Surveys that Actually Work

Getting feedback about your programs and events is crucial. Don't spend time sending out paper surveys, or wasting money on costly focus groups. Send surveys via SMS messages instead, as they have ten times the response rate of paper ones, and are far more interactive. With Trumpia, you even send different messages automatically based on the feedback the customer gives. For example, if they are satisfied with the event, send them to your review pages on Yelp and Google so they leave a positive rating. On the other hand, if the customer was unsatisfied with their experience, have them get in touch with a customer service rep instead, so they can air their grievances without leaving a damaging review.

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Effectively Staff Your Venue

You may need to staff your own events, and Trumpia can be an invaluable tool in this. Create a special text keyword just for hiring purposes to collect a pool of candidates that live near the venue. You can then automatically ask screening questions like what type of position they're interested in, how much experience they have, and if they've ever been convicted of a felony. This way, when you need more security personnel, you can automatically send a targeted message to the qualified candidates.

Image of a cleanup crew checklist

Coordinate Employees

When you need to coordinate an event or conference, one of your biggest stressors is making sure things run smoothly. Being in charge of scheduling and mobilizing your staff is important, but any hiccups in communication can snowball quickly.

With Trumpia, you can sort employees into different lists based on their function. So for example, when an area like the bathrooms needs cleanup, you can alert the appropriate team.

What Clients are Saying About Trumpia

  • JUMP A ROOS Inflatable Play & Party Center

    "With Trumpia's text marketing solution, there is a way to track campaigns and see how traffic is being driven to the store, which is very important to us. We've been happy with the success so far and are looking forward to new ideas and promotional campaigns we can run with this software."

    - Greg Fefferman, Owner, Jump A Roos

  • Your MWR at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst FORCE SUPPORT SQUADRON

    "We are definitely seeing more interest and excitement about our events now that we can send the information directly to our customers. And with the fact that people can now opt-in for the exact information they want to know, we are building customer relationships that we wouldn't have been able to maintain before."

    - Catron Holland, Marketing/Publicity Assistant & Social Media Director, 87th Force Support Squadron

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