Club and Promoters

Text messaging isn’t new; it’s been around for over 25 years! What is new however is how Trumpia helps your company tap into this powerful channel with targeting and automation tools that go further than common mass texting solutions. Get more guests in for events, provide better service, and better manage your employees with mass texting.

Use Cases

  • 01 Get Guests In For Events

    Texting has an unmatched read rate of 98%, making it the most effective way to promote upcoming events.

    • Build your subscriber database with mobile keywords and increase event attendance and revenue with more people actually seeing your ads.
    • Target your event promotions to only those customers who would be interested in it, rather than spamming everyone with the same message.
    • Automatically send event reminders based on the scheduling software you already use today.
  • 02 Provide Better Service

    Text-enable your business’s existing phone number, so your guests never have to wait on hold or play phone tag for customer service.

    • 60% of people nowadays would rather text than call for service.
    • Use our Text Bot to automatically answer common questions and direct guests to the right information.
    • Employ two-way texting to answer guest questions and make them feel valued.
  • 03 Manage Employees During Events

    Trumpia makes sending important announcements and coordinating employees during events faster and more effective.

    • Find shift coverage quickly using two-way texting.
    • Send critical alerts through text, as over 90% get seen within 3 minutes of delivery.
    • Recruit new employees by promoting mobile keywords and filtering candidates for jobs that best match their qualifications.