Text Messaging For Critical Alerts

SMS for Critical Alerts

When disaster strikes, speed is key when it comes to alerting those affected. Emergency text alerts are without a doubt the fastest and most surefire way to make sure an important message is seen, as over 90% of all messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. Trumpia goes further by allowing you to send tailored alerts to the right person, at the right time, with little to no human intervention. This enables you to alert only those affected without needlessly worrying those who are safe.

On top of that, Trumpia’s multi-channel solution supplements the power of texting with other messaging channels like email and voice to provide you with a variety of channels to alert people of the situation and provide updates in real time, across all channels.

How to Use Trumpia for Critical Alerts

  • Share Contingency Plans via SMS

    No one ever knows when disaster will strike, but Trumpia is here to help you be ready, just in case. Our strategic consultants will work with you to devise a plan for any emergency situation, and our industry-leading support staff can help any time disaster strikes.

    Knowing where to go when a disaster strikes could be the deciding factor towards being safe. Utilizing Trumpia’s SMS software, a church organization located in Beaumont, Texas was able to share refuge locations with its congregation via text. As a result, its members were able to reach a safe place and weather the storm of Hurricane Harvey.

    Address Questions and Concerns

    If someone is hiding from danger, texting offers a discreet way to contact you as opposed to a noisy phone call. Also, in an emergency, people may not know what number to call or text, but with Trumpia’s landline texting, you can text-enable your well-known main number so that they can simply text instead of call. Your staff can also carry out multiple one-on-one conversations to address concerns and reassure those affected efficiently, without placing people on a nerve-wracking hold.

  • Send Alerts From Anywhere

    In critical situations, your staff may be on the move and won’t always have immediate access to their computers or a reliable internet connection. With Trumpia, your staff can easily send a text alert from their mobile phones to everyone on your distribution list. They don’t need to install any apps or even have internet access on their phones. In times when seconds matter, the flexibility this offers could be astronomical.

    Alert Everyone, All At Once

    Text alerts are the fastest way to communicate, but you can’t rely on just one mode of communication in dire situations. Some people for example may not be subscribed to receive mobile alerts, but still need to be notified. With our multi-channel software, you can notify your entire audience simultaneously via SMS, MMS, Email and Voice. Make sure everyone gets your alert, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

  • Get Nearly Instant Responses

    People respond to text messages at a rate 750% higher and 60x quicker than email, meaning you won’t be kept sweating, waiting to hear back from people. You can also make sure everyone is safe and accounted for quickly and efficiently with Trumpia’s Yes/No feature. This lets your contacts report back if they are safe or still in need of help, allowing you to get a rough headcount and provide that information to first responders. Our Automated Workflows allow your staff to follow up with those who indicate they are in danger.

    • For example, your administration would send an alert to your entire office or community, and ask if they’re nearby.
    • For those who reply “No”, they would automatically be told to stay away from the dangerous area, and be sent updates. If they reply “Yes”, they would instantly be asked where they are.
    • Based on their response, they would be sent evacuation instructions or information on the nearest refuge.
    • Replies would also be updated in our system instantly, so evacuation personnel can get a good idea where and roughly how many people are in each area.

What Schools Are Saying About Critical Alerts

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    “A local newspaper subscribes to the alert system as well. When the bomb threat happened, they got the news first from our text messages. That’s the speed a system like this can offer.”

    - Dr. Ronald Rowe: Superintendent of Mercer Area School District