Text Messaging For HR and
Employee Communications

Organizations are tapping into this power of HR SMS software for their employee communications. Trumpia's SMS software for Human Resources and Employee Communications goes beyond simple mass texting by targeting employees and automating manual chores for your team. Here’s how text messaging HR employee communication system can help your HR department stay on top of things and help your company thrive.

How SMS Can Improve Employee Communication

Engage Employees More Effectively

Text messaging makes sending important HR announcements such as policy updates, key memos, and critical HR alerts more effective. With HR SMS software you can:

  • Solicit employee feedback via SMS surveys, which boast a 50% response rate.
  • Send birthday and work anniversary MMS messages to your employees that include pictures, videos or mobile e-cards.
  • Create fun and interactive presentations by asking employees to text their questions or answers to a big screen.

Any thriving business will tell you that updating company policies is an essential part of maximizing employee productivity and satisfaction. Ensure your entire workforce has read your policy changes by sending text notifications with links to the new policies with our HR SMS software. The average click through rate for links in SMS messages stands at 19% which is much higher than the click through rate for traditional emails at 3.2%.

Text To Recruit

One of the most important aspects of any business is recruiting the most qualified candidates. Studies show that 70% of candidates would like to apply for open positions on their mobile devices.Text recruiting is the process of sending text messages (also known as SMS Recruiting) messages to find and recruit candidates for your openings. While SMS is a relatively new way to recruit candidates, it is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to find new talent.

With automated text software like Trumpia, businesses can target their messages so that they get the best candidates. This leads to a higher ROI on your strategy as well as leaves candidates and employees satisfied while they interact with your company.

Give your candidates what they want by implementing SMS to take your recruitment process to the next level. Here’s how:

  • 01Automate Messages: Tasks that take a lot of time, such as coordinating interview times, providing paperwork, and sending notifications of deadlines can all be streamlined through text.
  • 02Keep Applicants Informed With Texting: Sharing news and information with prospects will keep them interested and in the loop. You can even send them relevant information based on the keyword they texted so that you give them updates that are relevant to the position.
  • 03Have Two-Way SMS Conversations: The recruitment process often comes with questions, concerns, and scheduling conflicts that need to be resolved. These issues are quickly managed through two-way employee text messaging, where applicants can ask questions and receive answers in real-time. This means you spend less time on the phone while also reducing the

Use SMS For Employee Training

Training and onboarding employees to the best of your abilities will produce a workforce that is productive and efficient. To provide your employees with the most efficient training experience, you can share study materials, policy changes, and surveys via text messages to maximize the effectiveness of your training.

A large portion of the training process involves learning about the company, competitors, and daily responsibilities. You can save crucial time during that first training day by sending them study material to get them up to speed. By preparing your onboarding employees with essential information, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the initial days of training.

One of the most crucial aspects of training is determining if new employees grasped their duties, company culture, or industry during training. Send them a quick text survey to determine their proficiency. Using reporting features, you can quickly analyze answers to identify which employees mastered the content and which ones need additional training.

Maximize Open Enrollment With SMS

By alerting employees prior to enrollment season through a mass text message, you will give them substantial time to evaluate their current plans and ask any questions before the open enrollment deadline.

Send out links to your open enrollment plans to your employees through text. This will allow them to discover each plan fully while alleviating a majority of the questions needed to be answered by your HR department and ensure they pick the optimal plan. And keep in mind that employees that are satisfied with their benefits are 4x more likely to be satisfied with their work.

Some employees may simply lack the motivation to sign off on a new plan. To help spark their interest towards open enrollment,

send personalized text messages to encourage them to fill out their paperwork. This personalization can range from something simple, like their name, to more complex content, like the types of plans they qualify for.

HR departments are wasting time when they try to schedule open enrollment meetings through email or over the phone. In fact, an average of 336 hours are dedicated to open enrollment each year, but only one hour is spent actually selecting their benefits. Streamline communications and staff meeting scheduling by establishing personal two-way communication through bulk messaging.

Lifecycle EngagementTrumpia’s texting solution goes beyond simple mass blasting services. It can automate your communications with employees and ultimately help you meet their needs more effectively and with less effort. Here’s how:

  • 1Create a mobile keyword to advertise to your employees, allowing them to opt-in for information about benefits enrollment or employee clubs (e.g.: fantasy football).
  • 2Send reminders and get RSVPs from employees for open enrollment meetings.
  • 3Send meeting information with an embedded link via an email or text. For those that do not click, send follow-up reminders.
  • 4Answer questions from employees about benefits by engaging in two-way, landline texting using your HR department’s phone number, so they don’t risk playing phone tag or having their emails buried.
  • 5Automatically send a reminder to bring documentation to submit to HR a week before the deadline.
  • 6Send SMS surveys to employees to get feedback.
  • 7Automatically answer common employee questions with our Automated Workflows.