Text Messaging For Political Campaigns

Texting for Political Campaigns

Whether it’s for a single office or a nationwide campaign, organizers are turning to a new way to communicate with supporters: text messaging. Text messaging has been proven to be the most reliable and direct channel for reaching your base, as 98% of text messages are read. With Trumpia, political campaigns can use the power of text messaging and couple it with our industry leading automation, allowing them to boost voter engagement, automatically drive up contributions, and help get out the vote.

How Trumpia Can Be Used For Political Campaigns

  • Send Voting Reminders

    Whether it’s the week before voter registration ends or the day before Election day, texting is perfect for sending reminders to voters. With us, you can schedule these messages to go out at the right time, or even integrate with the scheduling system you’re already using to send out these important notices automatically.

    Send Event Alerts and Announcements

    When you’re having a rally, demonstration, or a voter drive, texting is the best way to get the word out quickly. Trumpia lets you even send MMS pictures or links with more information, and automatically track who clicks it or not. That way, you can see who showed interest and automatically follow up or send event reminders to boost attendance.

  • Organize Volunteers

    When you’re doing work in the field, your volunteers will be scattered around with little access to email. This makes texting great for reaching them wherever they are with important notices like schedule or assignment changes.

    Boost Voter Engagement

    Engaging with your base is crucial and text messaging for political campaigns makes it easy. With a mobile keyword you can capture constituents’ phone numbers when they text it in. Then learn more about them using our Data Capture tool. This way, you can send only relevant messages about the issues that are important to them.

  • Boost Donations

    Campaigns are always in need of raising funds. Instead of relying on a single channel like email to get donations, Trumpia gives your campaign an omni-channel approach to increase exposure. Send text messages, emails, and even pre-recorded voice messages to your supporters, all from our platform.

    You can even include links in your messages that lead to your donation pages, and then automated follow ups like a thank you message to those who click it, and a fundraising deadline reminder to those who don’t.

    Organize Your Political Campaign With SMS

    Of course, your team is extremely busy on the campaign trail. But with our Automated Workflows, you can automate many of the chores described above. Take for example recruiting volunteers to canvas for you. With Trumpia, you can automatically screen them, find out which county they live in, what types of volunteer activities they would like to do, and much more. Then, you can automatically place them with a local office based on how they responded.