Political Campaigns

Whether it’s for a single office or a nationwide campaign, organizers are turning to a new way to communicate with supporters: text messaging. In fact, Barack Obama’s team used it for mobile marketing and grassroots organizing. With Trumpia, political campaigns can use the power of text messaging and couple it with our industry leading automation, allowing them to boost voter engagement, automatically drive up contributions, and help get out the vote.

Use Cases

  • 01 Boost Voter Engagement

    Maximize engagement, as texts are responded to 60x quicker and 7.5x more often than email.

    • Turbocharge sign-ups for campaign alerts through mobile keywords and online forms.
    • Our unique Smart Targeting lets you send only relevant messages based on voter interests and click-through behavior (e.g.: send an invite to a rally about homelessness to only those who clicked the relevant link.)
    • Use mobile voting to poll your subscriber and receive accurate numbers.See example
  • 02 Increase Contributions

    Change the fundraising game with texting. Texting lets you leverage your subscriber base to increase fundraiser attendance and campaign contributions.

    • Alert subscribers to new fundraising efforts or milestones to hit.
    • Automatically send event reminders via texting and email, and post to social media through our single integrated platform.
    • Set up a text-to-donate keyword to give constituents an easy way to contribute.
  • 03 Bolster Constituent Satisfaction

    Most candidates don't have time to pick up a call, let alone respond. Texting is significantly more effective at engaging constituents because it’s convenient for both parties.

    • Allow for two-way texting, so subscribers can engage with the campaign without being put on hold or having emails buried in an inbox.
    • Gather subscribers’ feedback with interactive surveys that automatically collect their responses.
    • Only send messages that the subscriber would be interested in, minimizing opt-outs. See example
  • 04 Improve Staff Communication

    Volunteers are the backbone of any successful campaign. But with so much work to do and so little time, an automated SMS solution like Trumpia can help free you up.

    • Staff don’t join campaigns to spend months on tedious chores. Our intelligent Text Bot lets them get to the work they’re passionate about by automatically answering FAQs.
    • Send notifications to coordinate organizers and volunteers, especially during canvassing efforts and large rallies. See example