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Text Messaging for
Property Management

SMS for Property Management

Finding a new apartment or home can be hard, both for the renter and for the property manager. That's why text messaging for property management offers an exciting way to reach potential tenants and run their properties more efficiently. Trumpia pairs the power of texting with our unique automation and engagement tools to help find new renters and match them with the right property quickly.

Why You Need Text Messaging for Property Management

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    Using SMS Messages To Answer Tenant Questions

    Tenants would rather text than call, so they can avoid buried emails or playing phone tag. With landline texting you can text-enable your business's existing phone number, in case you want to separate your personal and business number. This allows them to text instead of call to schedule a walkthrough, ask about the neighborhood, or get information and directions to other open properties.

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    Automate Repetitive Processes

    Trumpia's powerful text message automation software can do more than just send simple messages to your tenants. With Trumpia, you can fully automate a lot of processes that take up your time, helping to run your day-to-day operations more effectively. Trumpia takes care of the chores for you, interacting with potential and current tenants based on their needs and past interactions with your system.

    For example, you can place a text keyword throughout your mailers, on signs, on bills, and throughout your social media. When texted, the contact automatically gets asked questions like where they want to live and what their budget is. We can send them a trackable link to your open property page, and if they click it you can forward things like new openings or move in offers to entice them. If they don't click that link, we can send them a text reminder a week later to encourage them to apply if they still need housing.

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    Target Messages to Fill Vacancies

    Trumpia's Smart Targeting helps to send only the most relevant alerts to your tenants. You can do this using data that you've already collected and imported into our system. Any time they respond to a prompt, their answer can be automatically captured into your database. You can then use this information to better target properties or amenities that meet their needs, like sending your gym information to potential tenants that want a gym in their complex.

    When you have information on what your current or future tenants want, you can use the collected data to text all your contacts who match those characteristics, giving them only the most relevant alerts. This means you can do things like sending families information on new schools opening near one of your properties, enticing them to apply.

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    Use Other Channels In Addition To Texting

    Your tenants need to have options on how you contact them. That's why we offer other communication channels in one platform, perfectly integrated to meet their various channel preferences. With this multichannel approach, you'll be able to reach tenants wherever they are and on the channel they want to be contacted on. You can send emails that have the same powerful targeting as our text messages, with a lot of the same automation. And we offer MMS as well, allowing you to send pictures of open properties or videos of tours.

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    Increase Renter Satisfaction

    Texting for property management makes it easy to keep tenants happy and lead to more renewed leases. It also encourages renters to use landline texting instead of calling for maintenance requests, lock outs, and complaints about noise, suspicious behavior, or other issues. Texting allows property managers to send mass alerts for things like outages, policy changes, community building events, and potential safety risks. Or integrate your current system with Trumpia, so you can message tenants via texting, email, and even voice broadcasts, catering to their channel preference.

    Renters sometimes have different priorities in what they want in a property compared to a prospective homeowner. As a property manager, you should send relevant offers to renters so that you get your openings filled quickly. With SMS, get more information from potential renters automatically.

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    Boost Attendance and Follow Up at Open Houses

    98% of text messages are read, meaning it's the most effective way to market your open houses to interested renters. With Trumpia, you can send automated reminders the day before an open house, and send MMS picture messages or links to a video tour, helping to further drive interest. Capture all open house attendees by having them simply text your keyword and automatically follow up with them 2 or 3 days later.

What Clients Are Saying About SMS Property Management


    "Without [Trumpia's] automated system, messages would show up too early or too late. [Trumpia] allows me to automatically send the messages at the appropriate time. It's like having a personal assistant for a fraction of the cost. I'm planning on expanding to two more properties, but with Trumpia, I can do more and make more money without doing more work."

    - Tom Hagen, Owner of Florida Dreamscape Vacations

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