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Text Messaging For
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SMS for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies know better than anyone that finding quality employees can be a tall order. With limited staffing opportunities, employment agencies need to make sure that they can reach their temporary workers and job candidates quickly. That's why more and more HRs are transitioning their communications to text messaging for staffing agencies. It's perfect for everyday tasks like finding and placing their workers quickly. Intelligent services like Trumpia make it even easier, allowing you to automate a lot of the recruiting, screening, and signup process, so you can better target your job openings and match them with candidates quickly.

Getting Started with Text Messaging for Staffing Agencies

Get More Applicants for Your Staffing Agency With SMS

With an SMS marketing software, staffing agencies can increase the number of qualified candidates they receive. They can do this using a simple text keyword which interested candidates can text in to opt-in for job alerts. By including this easy and quick way to express interest in all your collateral, advertisements, and job postings, you'll be able to collect significantly more people than before.

With a more sophisticated SMS software like Trumpia, HR departments can even capture more information about these candidates. We do this through our Data Capture tool, which asks candidates for more information like what qualifications they have, where they live, and which department they're interested in joining, and then automatically captures their responses. So when you have a new opening, you can instantly sort candidates based on any combination of their qualifications and interests. This way, you send only the most relevant openings to candidates via our Smart Targeting, rather than wasting everyone's time with jobs that don't fit their qualifications or experience.

Texts shows how unions are using SMS messages to improve membership
A text conversation between a recruiter and a potential hire

Include a Job Post Link In Your Openings

When you're crafting an engaging message about a new opening to candidates, be sure to include a trackable link in the job posting. This makes it simple for the candidate to visit the job posting. The easier you make it for the individual to learn about and apply for the position, the more likely he or she will be to act on the opportunity you have given them.

If you use an advanced SMS software like Trumpia, you can even do more things with this embedded link like tracking who clicks it and who doesn't. If they click the link, you can assume they are interested in it, and you can use that information to target similar openings in the future. Additionally, if they click the link but don't apply, Trumpia is even able to automatically send a reminder a week or day before the application deadline.

Stay Connected Throughout the Hiring Process

Reach candidates through every stage of the hiring process, so you never miss an opportunity to find the right fit and move applicants down your funnel. A texting platform is a great way to do this, easily allowing you to send interview reminders, answer questions with two-way text conversations, or send SMS surveys to gain valuable feedback on your recruiting efforts.

Trumpia even gives you the power of a multi-channel approach, giving you SMS, MMS, email, voice broadcasts, and Facebook posting. This means you can create coordinated efforts like sending interview tips via email, and then sending more time sensitive alerts like interview reminders via SMS.

Messages selected in Trumpia's UI to show the latest text message ready to go out to the marketing distribution list
Job applicant is happy to receive answers to her questions through an SMS message

Answer Candidates' Questions

Providing a level of service to your candidates so they feel heard and taken care of is extremely important. This will lead more of your candidates to continue with your agency or even refer their friends after they find employment. With Landline Texting, you can text-enable your agency's existing local number, so you can quickly answer questions and give updates at the candidate's convenience.

Automatically Screen Candidates

Not all SMS software are capable of this use case. But if you choose an advanced text messaging for staffing agencies solution like Trumpia, you can have the system automatically screen candidates for you, saving both time and money for your agency. We do this through our Automated Workflows, which enable you to build complex auto campaigns that take care of the repetitive tasks that eat up a lot of your day.

Image of an automated workflow
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Integrate SMS Into Your ATS

It's important to have your ATS (applicant tracking system) integrate with other programs via SMS API (Application Programming Interface) in order to streamline your internal operations. If you choose a powerful API to integrate, like Trumpia's, you can do things like have contact data in your ATS automatically update depending on what you learn about the candidate, or send SMS or MMS messages to candidates directly from your ATS' user interface.

SMS isn't just limited to blasting candidates, it can be integrated to carry out common tasks for you. With Trumpia's Zapier integration for instance, Trumpia automatically works with the applications you already use on a daily basis for recruiting, no coding required. This means you can do things like send a new temporary worker who signs up on your website a link to a questionnaire so you can learn more about them and find the right fit.

Automated Use Case Templates for Staffing Agencies

Trumpia's Workbench comes with premade workflows specifically designed to help staffing agencies streamline the hiring process. These include campaigns that our other staffing customers have used to find great talent, and other workflows that would be highly effective.

  • Automated messaging iconAutomatically Place Applicants

    Screen candidates by asking them what type of work they're looking for so you can send targeted opportunities.

    Icon showing a customer leaving a 5 star reviewAutomatically Send Interview Reminders

    Send reminders to make sure candidates are on time and don't need to reschedule, leading to a more streamlined interview process.

  • Automated broadcast IconCandidate Satisfaction

    Get clear feedback about your recruiting and placement processes by asking your candidates directly.

What Clients are Saying About Trumpia

  • the ymca

    "All in all, Trumpia has been really effective. One of the best features that Trumpia offers is their one-on-one contact between a designated Trumpia representative and our organization. This has been immensely helpful whenever I have random questions or inquiries about the system. Trumpia also offers several blogs and articles that have provided me with ideas and suggestions that enhance our campaigns."

    - Megan Streeter, Data Specialist at YMCA

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