Staffing Agencies

Texting is revolutionizing the way we communicate, with an amazing 98% open rate and a response rate 750% higher than email. Trumpia’s powerful targeting and automation tools go further than common mass texting solutions, helping staffing agencies to place candidates more quickly, streamline the placement process, and improve the candidate experience.

Use Cases

  • 01 Place Candidates Quickly

    With a 60x faster response rate than email, texting gives you significantly faster turnaround time.

    • Capture more candidates with mobile keywords and online signup pages.
    • Send better targeted job opportunities automatically so both your recruiters and candidates aren’t wasting their time.
    • Find the right match by using Smart Targeting to filter candidates based on their interests, salary requirements, and qualifications.
  • 02 Streamline The Placement Process

    Texting helps get boost efficiency of communication by cutting out phone tag and missed emails for a quicker placement process.

    • Reduce the number of no-shows with automated interview reminders.
    • Our intelligent Text Bot can automatically answer questions throughout the hiring process and capture more matching criteria.
    • Keep candidate data separate for each recruiter so there’s no confusion or poaching.
  • 03 Boost Candidate Satisfaction

    Improve candidate satisfaction to keep them with the agency and even refer their network.

    • Send updates on their application status so they aren’t left wondering.
    • Gather feedback to improve recruiting processes for the future.
    • Send shift information and rest assured it’s seen with texting’s 98% read rate.