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SMS For Unions

Your union members already text with their friends and family, so why not with your union? In fact, 98% of text messages get read, making it the best way to get the word out to your members no matter where they are. Trumpia helps you tap into this power for your members, allowing you to effectively reach your members, automatically boost member engagement and satisfaction, and increase event attendance with text messaging for unions.

How to Use Text Messaging for Unions

Boost Union Membership

Create an easy to use text keyword, so people who are considering joining your union can text it to receive more information about your union. When texted, our SMS marketing software will automatically capture their phone number so you can drip messages to them about the benefits of membership.

As for membership renewals, you can schedule text reminders to go out on the correct date so people know it's coming up. Even better, you can integrate Trumpia with the scheduling software you're already using today to automatically send reminders as important dates approach.

Texts shows how unions are using SMS messages to improve membership
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Improve Union Member Engagement

Want more member engagement? Texts are responded to 60x quicker and 7.5x more often than email. Couple that read rate with our unique Smart Targeting tool, and you'll be able to engage your members with relevant content so they don't get annoyed and opt-out.

You can even use Trumpia to collect data on your members like the types of events they're interested in or the issues that matter most to them. All you have to do is ask them questions, and our software will automatically capture and store their responses.

Increase Union Member Attendance

Text messaging is highly effective at increasing attendance at your events, meetings, or even strikes. All you need to do is schedule messages to be sent out before your event. Even better, you can integrate with the calendar software you're already using like Google Calendar, so it automatically triggers messages to be sent out on the desired date.

Before an event, members may have questions about the agenda. With our text messaging for unions software, you can text-enable your existing landline phone number, so members can conveniently ask their questions without calling and being put on hold or having their email buried in an inbox.

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Cellphone with a text message conversation showing Trumpia's survey capabilities

Gain Valuable Feedback

To truly represent your members, it's obviously important to hear what they have to say. But if you send surveys via email or even worse, paper forms to fill out, chances are you're getting very low response rates. Trumpia's SMS surveys will garner significantly more responses so you have enough data to act upon.

What Unions Are Saying About Trumpia

  • IAF

    "The web-based solution made it easy for organizers to pull up their phone, tablet, or computer to send a message no matter where they were, like at home or in the office. The UI was intuitive and easy to train on. Keyword opt-in made it easy for union members to sign up without having to fill out any information."

    - Ben Shearer, Pasco Fire Department

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