SMS For Accounting

Text messages have revolutionized how we communicate, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use. Trumpia helps you tap into this power for your Accounting and Billing Department, but goes further than simple mass texting solutions with advanced tools that help improve collections, streamline customer service, and boost your productivity.

Use Cases

  • 01 Improve Collections

    Following up with customers in a timely fashion is often the difference between a paid bill and a headache. One Trumpia client even saw a 13% increase in collections when they switched from calls to texts.

    • Texting is quick, seen within seconds, and responded to 60x quicker than email.
    • Remove intimidation from the collections process by texting clients instead of calling them.
    • Send automated email, voice, and text reminders to customers when they have an overdue invoice.
  • 02 Boost Customer Service

    Trumpia helps keep customers happy, generating repeat business and boosting revenue.

    • Let customers text to contact you without risking being put on hold or having messages buried in email.
    • Automatically send follow-up messages to a customers after they fill out a form.
    • Send text surveys to gather feedback to improve your process. With text messaging’s response rate being 750% higher than email, you’ll actually get enough feedback to make a difference.
    • Text-enable your business’s existing phone number to answer questions, so you don’t have to expose your personal mobile number.
  • 03 Automate Your Team’s Chores

    Save time with Trumpia’s SMS automation, which lets you automate the tedious tasks that eat into your department’s productivity.

    • Smart Targeting: Automatically send only relevant notices based on subscribers’ industry, interests, or behavioral history.
    • Lead Scoring: Automatically assign scores to your contacts based on behavior and attributes they take within our system. For example, you could automatically stop sending messages to people who repeatedly don’t respond to your messages.
    • Automated Reminders: By sending text reminders directly to your customers, you ensure they will see your messages, as 98% of texts are read. This leads to fewer missed appointments, payments, or other opportunities.
    • Text Bot: Our Text Bot can automatically direct customers to the correct specialist or canswer frequently asked questions.
    • Mass Alerts: Automatically send mass notifications about policy changes or new services.