Text Marketing For Auto Auctions

Text Message Marketing for Auto Auctions

When you need to get the word out about your upcoming auctions, nothing beats the reliability of texting. Email, postcards, and phone advertisements simply don’t work, and radio ads are way too expensive. Text marketing for auto auctions is the cost-effective way to reach potential customers, sell more cars, and ultimately generate more repeat business.

SMS Marketing Strategies for Auto Auctions

With a competitor’s system, you may be able to carry out one of these use cases. But with Trumpia, we pride ourselves in being able to automate them all, communicating with your customers throughout the entire process.

  • Sell More Cars with SMS Marketing

    Getting the message out about new cars or an upcoming sale can be a tall order. But with an automotive text message marketing software, you can better advertise to customers by ensuring that your promotions for your next big auction or give VIPs exclusive access to bid or buy a car before it gets to auction.

    One strategy that is popular particularly amongst auto auctions is to place a unique mobile keyword on the price sticker of each car. When a customer texts that keyword, they can automatically be sent more information on the car via a shortened link like the mileage, accident history, and other pertinent information so they know what they’re buying and feel like they are getting a good deal.

    Text-Enable Your Business Line

    58 percent of buyers say that they have tried to text a business instead of call. Unfortunately, most of those businesses were not set up to receive those text messages. Even now, you may be getting texts and you would have no way of knowing.

    That’s why some SMS marketing software like Trumpia offer Landline Texting (also known as Text-to-Landline). This text-enables your existing business number so you can engage all those leads you’ve been missing and answer their questions. You can also send and receive MMS picture messages, so you can send an interested buyer a picture of the car, increasing interest.

  • Scheduling & Appointment Reminders

    Whether it’s for an upcoming auction or an appointment to arrange payment, missed appointments are a real time waster for your organization. With texting, you can send out reminders so the customer remembers to show up.

    Even better, an automated system like Trumpia is able to do some of the chores of appointment reminders for you. For example, you could send a reminder and ask if they are able to make it. If they say “yes”, you can send them a message saying that you’ll see them then. If they reply “no”, you can automatically send a link to your scheduling software so they can reschedule.

    Service & Satisfaction Surveys

    A bad review can sink your auto auctions if a customer is unhappy with their purchase. With an SMS software, you can send our surveys via text messaging. With the high response rate, you’ll get enough feedback to make meaningful changes to your auctioneering process. With Trumpia, you can even automatically take certain steps after a customer fills out a survey, saving your auction’s reputation from a negative review.