Text Messaging For Customer Service

Texting For Customer Service

Providing great service is important for any organization. And with 64% of consumers saying that they’d prefer to use texting to communicate with a business over any other channel, texting has become a must have for the customer service industry.

How Trumpia can Help Customer Service Teams

  • Improve Customer Service Efficiency

    No one likes waiting on hold. In fact, 33% of customers hang up immediately when put on hold, and the rest will only wait an average of 13 minutes before doing the same. But the potentially even larger drawback of traditional phone systems is that your representatives are limited to helping only one customer at a time on the phone.

    With Trumpia, we can text-enable your customer service department so reps can carry out two way conversations with multiple customers at the same time, significantly boosting efficiency. You can even use your business existing phone number, letting customers choose whether they want to call or text.

  • Ensure Quality Service

    All message to and from the Trumpia system are stored as threaded conversations. This means at any time, management can audit conversations to ensure the highest level of service is being provided.

    With our Enterprise tools, you can even divide which managers can see which rep’s conversations, so your LA branch manager isn’t auditing NY reps.

  • Run Better Surveys

    Text surveys are nearly 7.5 times more likely to be responded to than email ones. That means when you really want feedback, SMS is the best way to get enough data to make an educated decision.

    Even better, you can automatically triage customers based on how happy they are with your business, so only the satisfied ones are sent to leave a review on Yelp or Google.

  • Integrate with your Existing Phone System

    A texting service doesn’t have to run independently from your existing phone system. Indeed, they can work together to create a better experience overall. Take for example when a customer doesn’t have time to wait on the line. Your representatives can text a customer to schedule a follow up call at a more convenient time. This allows you to cater to your customers needs and will leave a positive impression of your customer service on your customers.

    You can also integrate Trumpia with your current systems like Shopify or Zendesk, so you can automatically send messages to your customers about pending bills, provide shipping alerts, synchronize customer contact information, and more. This will help eliminate repetitive tasks that take up a lot of your reps time and give them more opportunities to follow up with customers and handle their queues more effectively and efficiently.

  • Automate Certain FAQs

    Some questions, like account balance inquiries or questions about a store’s hours can be answered quickly and with little to no manual intervention needed. There’s no need to take up a rep’s time answering the same question 20 times a day.

    With Trumpia, you can automate answering these FAQs using our Automated Workflow tool. It can automatically ask customers what help they need, and send different messages based on how they respond. It’s like a phone tree system only through the convenience of texting.

What Clients Are Saying About SMS For Customer Service

  • IAF

    “The web-based solution made it easy for organizers to pull up their phone, tablet, or computer to send a message no matter where they were, like at home or in the office. The UI was intuitive and easy to train on. Keyword opt-in made it easy for union members to sign up without having to fill out any information.”

    - Ben Shearer, Pasco Fire Department

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