Text Messaging For Higher Ed & Colleges

Texting for Higher Education

Trumpia is an industry-leading texting platform full of engagement tools that will help universities communicate throughout the entire college experience–from the application process and student engagement to job placement and alumni fundraising.

SMS Use Cases for Higher Education

  • Engage Students and Staff

    With landline texting, faculty, administrators, and counselors can exchange messages with students directly. This allows them to have multiple threaded SMS conversations with students without having to use their personal phone number. As an added bonus, students will appreciate not having to set up appointments in order to get their simple questions answered.

    While mass texts for colleges are certainly the most effective form of communication, having other channels is vital too. Trumpia offers you a complete omni-channel solution to communicate with your staff and students. With email, SMS and voice notifications you can be sure that your messages get through to your students and staff via the channel they prefer.

    Boost Alumni Contributions with Texting

    SMS is great for soliciting donations from alumni by running text-to-donate campaigns using mobile keywords, allowing you to keep their contact information up-to-date and generate more contributions. Reach out to specific groups of alumni based off of their interests or past involvement in your programs, and you can do this automatically with Trumpia’s Smart Targeting.

    For example, if an alumni indicates that they were a former university athlete, you can let them know when games and fundraisers are scheduled for your athletic teams. When you send out text-to-donate messages, you can use click through tracking to see who clicked your link and made a donation. For those who have not yet made a contribution, you can send out reminder messages, increasing the likelihood of a donation.

  • Save Time with Automated SMS

    Our text messaging for higher education software can take on repetitive chores for you, like gathering more information about prospective students. Our automation let’s you set a condition, and when it’s met, our software automatically carries out a preset action. Our platform has unique response-based automation that can branch according to the responder’s choice, allowing you to answer frequently asked questions like deadlines or academic calendar information automatically. Integrating via API and Zapier can make sure your systems are enabled to send SMS messages to students and staff seamlessly.

    Reach the Right Audience, Automatically

    Communicating effectively with your students is crucial for any school or college, but often students receive so many messages that they become victim to message fatigue. Trumpia’s unique Smart Targeting allows you to intelligently segment specific groups of students in order to send them timely and relevant messages. Need to send a reminder text to all of your sophomore engineering majors to sign up for summer internships? With a targeted solution like Trumpia you can easily reach your desired audience, and avoid sending irrelevant messages to the rest of your student body.

  • Send Text Alerts For Your School

    During a crisis, we offer a powerful and convenient Yes/No question feature that works with our Automated Workflows to allow students and staff to indicate whether they are safe or not. Your administration can then follow up with those who indicate they are in danger.

    1. 1.For example, your administration would send an alert to students and staff, and ask if they’re on campus.
    2. 2.For those who reply “No”, they would automatically be told to stay away from campus, and be sent updates. If they reply “Yes”, they would instantly be asked where they are on campus.
    3. 3.Based on their response, they would be sent a list of the buildings in that area and asked which one they’re in.
    4. 4.Based on that answer, they would be sent the specific building’s evacuation route.
    5. 5.Replies would also be updated in our system instantly, so evacuation personnel can get a good idea where and roughly how many people are in each building.

What Schools Are Saying About Trumpia


    “I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the students, and I plan to share this tool with other institutions so they can also better reach their current students.”

    - Vanessa Bascherini, M.S., Academic Advisor at Sonoma State University