Texting for Schools and Higher Education

Imagine how much more prepared your students would be for the academic year if 98% percent of your messages were actually read. That’s why more higher education institutions are implementing texting as a vital part of their student communication strategy. Trumpia's automation tools go beyond simple mass texting by targeting only relevant messages to engage with students more effectively, communicate across campus, and streamline staff operations.

Use Cases

  • 01 Boost Student and Alumni Engagement

    With Trumpia you can send students targeted messages that are relevant to their campus experience and help get them more engaged.

    • Make it easy for students to quickly join clubs or event committees with mobile keywords or online sign-up pages.
    • Boost attendance at campus job fairs, networking opportunities, and events by sending text alerts and emails.
    • Encourage alumni fundraising by using text-to-donate capabilities, easily directing them to your fundraising page.
  • 02 Communicate with Prospective Students

    Trumpia helps you better engage prospective students to increase enrollment.

    • Sort prospective students by their majors and interests, so they only get relevant messages.
    • Reach prospective students through their preferred channel from our integrated platform (text, email, and social media).
    • Send automated reminders for approaching application and financial aid deadlines.
  • 03 Send Critical Alerts

    Text messaging offers the safest and most reliable way to send critical alerts to students and staff.

    • In critical situations, you won’t always have immediate access to your computer. With Trumpia, you can send a text alert from your mobile phone to everyone stored in your Trumpia account.
    • If someone is hiding from danger, texting offers a discreet way to contact you as opposed to a noisy phone call.
    • With Trumpia’s Smart Targeting, send alerts to the right person at the right time, so you only notify those affected without needlessly worrying those who are safe.