Text Messaging For Medical Offices & Healthcare

Texting for Medical Offices

Being able to communicate with patients is the difference between good health care and great healthcare. That’s why more medical offices are implementing texting as a vital part of their patient communication strategy. In fact, it’s been shown that up to two-thirds of medical offices have turned to text messaging for patient outreach and appointment reminders. In many cases, text message adoption was requested by the patients themselves, looking for an easier way to interact with their providers. Trumpia’s SMS software allows medical offices to automatically follow up with patients, send SMS appointment reminders, and communicate with employees more effectively.

How Text Messaging Can Help Medical Offices

Use SMS To Send Appointment Reminders

Doctors, dentists, and other medical offices are quickly turning more and more to texting appointment reminders because text reminders are seen more frequently than email or voice reminders, leading to fewer missed appointments.

Integrate Your Current System With SMS for Medical Offices

If you use a scheduling software, you can integrate with a system like Trumpia to automatically send reminders days before an appointment. These systems can automatically confirm whether or not the patient can make it, and send corresponding messages based on their answer, allowing them to reschedule without them needing to call into your front office.

Followup With Patients

After an appointment, make sure your patients are well taken care of with automated follow-up messages. You can even branch patients down different messaging paths based on how they respond to your texts to provide them with:

  • Post-op care recommendations
  • Periodic medication reminders
  • An invitation to make another appointment
  • Reminders for health events like blood drives or flu shots

Improve Communication

Texting isn’t just great for communicating with patients, it can help your staff too. You can text them updates to their schedule, event reminders, or even ask people on a day off if they can cover an empty shift. It’s also very effective if there is an emergency, as text messages can reach a large audience quickly, helping to make sure that patients and staff are ready if things like natural disasters or accidents happen.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

With Trumpia you can set your messaging campaigns to run automatically, saving your staff from having to send messages or enter information manually. Trumpia’s platform carries out tasks for you, automatically interacting with your patients. Trumpia’s Automated Workflows run your campaigns for you without the need to code or manage the system on a day to day basis. After you set it up, our medical office texting software will take care of the rest, saving you valuable time and letting your staff focus on other matters.

You can also easily create and send out drip campaigns that send text messages at specific intervals. You designate the timing and the content, and we send the right message for you at the perfect time. This is perfect for things like flu shot season or blood drives to let patients know their options.

Use Multiple Channels

Trumpia isn’t just for texting, we provide a variety of communication channels, so you can ensure you reach 100% of your patients and all your campaigns are seamlessly orchestrated between email and texting. We have email with the same advanced features that our medical office texting has, like templates, targeting, message scheduling, and even automation. This lets you reach your patients on the communication channel that they prefer without losing any of our advanced features.

Do It All From One Platform

With a single integrated platform, we offer synced data, importing across channels, combined reports, and coordinated campaigns. You can’t get these benefits by using multiple products from multiple providers. Don’t enter or keep up with contact information twice in two different systems. And don’t send out a text with the same content as an email if the email was already read and replied to by a recipient.


Due to HIPAA regulations, medical offices need to use the utmost care when texting patients. Depending on the content, who the text message is being sent to, or the systems put in place to safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI), texting can be in compliance with HIPAA in some circumstances. Due to the privacy concerns regarding HIPPA, please ensure that the content you send does not violate the regulation. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that Trumpia is merely a service provider and does not directly compose or send messages on the Customer’s behalf. Please refer to this link for more information.