Text to Recruit

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What is Text Recruiting?

Text recruiting is the process of sending text messages (also known as SMS Recruiting) messages to find and recruit candidates for your openings. While SMS is a relatively new way to recruit candidates, it is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways to find new talent.

With automated text software like Trumpia, businesses can target their messages so that they get the best candidates. This leads to a higher ROI on your strategy as well as leaves candidates and employees satisfied while they interact with your company.

Why Text Recruiting Works

Businesses who are smart about how they used text messages have been proven to get impressive results. Here are some statistics showing why:

  • Text Messages Are Seen

    Only 22% of emails get opened. 98% of text messages!

  • Texting Messages Are Fast

    90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes, making it the fastest way to reach your audience.

  • Text Messages Are Engaging

    Automated text messages have an engagement rate that is up to 8 times higher than email.

  • Texting Messages are Popular

    89% of consumers say they want to text message to communicate with a business, but only 48% of businesses are equipped to do this.

How Recruiting Agencies Can Use Text To Recruit

Successful companies know that finding the right person for the job is a costly investment in time and resources. Getting the best return on this investment is vital, and you want to make sure you hire the right candidates and that they are up to date on training and policy.

  • Use Mobile Keywords to Recruit

    Here’s a statistic: 23% of all keyword searches from mobile devices include the word “job”. There are various mobile methods for attracting candidates, such as online job boards, postings on forums, and social media sites.

    HR departments and recruiters who are familiar and comfortable with texting to recruit can use these tools to their advantage. That’s because texting has become the primary way of interacting, especially amongst millennials. By taking your recruitment process mobile you can extend your reach by getting more candidates and communicating updates and new postings to them.

    To attract relevant and qualified applicants to your various job openings, utilize specific keywords that describe what the position is about. For example, post keywords, such as “IT”, “SALES”, or “ACCOUNTING”, to filter your candidates so you can send them the appropriate information.

    To reach the most candidates possible, share your keywords and openings across multiple channels, such as marketing materials, on your website, social media, job sites, and handouts.

  • Attract Qualified Applicants

    Texting is the easiest, quickest, and most widely used form of communication, especially with today’s technology obsessed college grads. With a 98% read rate, texting potential prospects will ensure job postings are seen and reduce the amount of time spent tirelessly searching for suitable applicants.

    Getting a lot of applicants may seem desirable, but you want to make sure that they are qualified. To effectively target qualified prospects, post multiple keywords for each specific department. This enables prospects to receive job openings that are relevant to their interests, work experience, and preferred department.

  • Save Time With Automated Text Messages

    You’ve collected a substantial number of applicants, now what? The next step in text recruiting now is to contact these prospects to coordinate interview times, fill out paperwork, and notify them of important deadlines.

    A sophisticated text recruiting software like Trumpia can take reminders to a whole new level through text automation. Whenever someone opts into a keyword, automatically send them an application document with a deadline date. If an application deadline is near and a prospect hasn’t submitted their application, the system will automatically send them a reminder.

  • Keep Applicants Informed With News and Information

    Text to hire is a speedy way to share valuable information and news about your company to keep applicants’ eager to work with you. Better yet, send them relevant information based on the keyword they opted into. If they text the “Sales” keyword, they will receive information targeting those looking for a sales role, making your applicants more likely to be interested in working for your company in the future.

  • Engage Applicants With Two-Way Communication

    Candidates often have questions, concerns, and scheduling conflicts that need to be addressed. That’s why two-way text messaging makes resolving these recruiting issues much faster and easier. Candidates can ask questions, get quick answers, and notify potential employers of issues with their application

    Text recruiting has the highest response rate of any form of communication, beating email by almost eight times the response rate. This means that scheduling interviews and answering questions via SMS is the best way to get results. By sending a text instead of a phone call, the candidate can respond on their own time while on the go.

  • Ask Questions and Schedule an Interview Via Text

    Not every candidate should be interviewed, but getting the right ones in quickly could mean the difference between a successful hire and an opening that slows your business down. Through a quick text recruiting conversation, you can ask questions to determine if the candidate has the required expertise, aptitude, or interest to make scheduling an interview worthwhile.

    If you identify a candidate that is a perfect match for your position, then it’s time to schedule an interview, and text messaging is the perfect way to help you and the candidate decide on a time that works for you both. Then, if you have a text recruiting software like Trumpia, you can automatically send text reminders in the days prior to the interview. This means your candidate will be more likely to arrive prepared and ready for your interview, saving valuable time.

  • Keep Candidates on File

    If a candidate turns out to be a bad fit for one position, that doesn’t mean you should delete their info. You still have their contact information in your mobile keyword database, which could be a future opportunity. If someone was a better fit for IT than software development, you can then follow up with them when you have an IT job available.

    With text recruiting automation, you can create monthly messages that include current open positions that can be blasted to your entire contact database or individual keyword lists. By reminding your contacts periodically, your organization will stay in their mind and create hope that another position that would fit them will open.

The Trumpia Advantage Trumpia’s intelligent texting does more than the simplified texting of other providers.

  • Automation

    Carry out your efforts automatically, saving valuable time and effort. Trumpia takes care of the chores of for you, interacting with candidates based on their profile and positions they are looking for.

    • • Trumpia’s mobile keywords do more than just get you a candidate’s name, our Data Capture allows you to collect more information from your candidates because it can ask them questions and capture their answers so you can better target them.
    • Trumpia’s Auto Campaigns can carry out campaigns for you without any additional coding needed. After you set up, our software will take care of the rest, saving time and giving your campaigns a boost.
  • Smart Targeting

    Trumpia’s Smart Targeting sorts candidates into separate groups based on criteria you select, from qualifications to interests and specialties.

    • Trumpia’s Smart Targeting gets you results by allowing you to send only the most accurate job listings and information to candidates.
    • Our Dynamic Targets keep your filtered candidate lists organized in real time, updating automatically whenever a new candidate is added or updates their profile information.
  • Lifecycle Engagement

    Trumpia is uniquely able to do something the competition can’t match – Lifecycle Engagement. This means our system can help you engage your candidates and employees throughout their lifecycle with your interview and hiring process, allowing you to better fill your positions.

    • Whether it’s a new candidate or a current employee, Trumpia’s software is the best way to reach them and make sure forms are filled out promptly.
    • By providing automated, intelligent service, candidates are more likely to be satisfied with your organization and look forward to working with you even more.
  • Omnichannel Messaging

    Trumpia isn't just for texting, we have other channels so you can reach yours no matter what channel they prefer.

    • Email is still effective, and Trumpia offers email ecruiting that can help you get even more results.
    • Social Media posting allows you to post your open positions on social media and interact with candidates this way.