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What is Text Recruiting?

SMS Texting is the perfect way to gather a lot of new contacts quickly. And this is perfect for the Recruiting industry because recruiters are constantly looking for new applicants for their job openings. If you haven’t tried exploring this perfect combination, let us give you some amazing reasons why you should try text messages for recruiting today!

  • Send Targeted Job Offers and Messages

    73% of job seekers prefer to receive targeted job opportunities via text, and it’s not too surprising why. Imagine you’re a marketing professional with 10 years of experience and an M.B.A. You would not be very pleased if you received a message from a company, trying to recruit you for an entry-level position in I.T.

    Trumpia’s Smart Targeting tool eliminates this issue and gets you results by allowing you to send only the most relevant job listings and information to candidates. You can do this using data that you’ve already collected and imported into our system, or have our Data Capture tool ask questions and automatically capture responses. Then use that to automatically assess which job would be the best match.

    Then, Trumpia’s Dynamic Targets keep your filtered candidate lists organized in real time, updating automatically whenever a new candidate is added or updates their profile information. This way, you don’t spend hours doing it manually yourself.

    Dedicated short code iconUse Mobile Keywords to Recruit

    Did you know that 23% of all web searches from a mobile device include the word “job”? That is an insane statistic when you begin to wrap your mind around it - people are always looking for new opportunities to explore and grow their career. And this is especially true after COVID-19, where so many people had to adapt as industries were changing. While you can rely on traditional methods of recruiting such as online job boards, forums, and social media websites, we recommend using SMS texting in partnership with all of these other mediums of communication. And you can achieve this by simply posting a keyword on all of these different sites.

    For a basic system, you can post separate keywords for different job types like that describe what the position is about. For example, post keywords, such as “IT”, “SALES”, or “ACCOUNTING”, to filter your candidates so you can send them the appropriate information. Unfortunately, this requires you to manage multiple keywords and post multiple keywords on the same posting. With an advanced system like Trumpia, you simplify the process by maintaining only a single keyword and letting the software’s automation sort candidates for you. You can also use online signup pages to collect applicant information from your website.

  • text messasage bubbles with three dots iconKeep Applicants Updated

    Just because a specific job wasn’t right for a certain candidate doesn’t mean they wouldn’t fit well with your team. Keep a database of your candidates including their interests and qualifications, so you can send alerts when a new job that fits them becomes open. Some SMS messaging software will even enable you to automatically sort contacts based on the data you have on them, so you don’t spend hours manually creating lists to send postings to.

    Dedicated account manager iconFind New and Qualified Applicants

    The reality is, this generation is increasingly different from the generation before, and a lot of this can be attributed to the fact that this is truly the technological generation. As a result, Millennials and Gen-Z are going online for everything, which includes looking for a job. This means that if you are recruiting online, you can be sure to expect a lot of responses. With such a large pool of candidates, you need to make sure they are qualified. Set up your SMS texting campaign to automatically engage with candidates through automation - asking them qualifying questions without having to qualify them yourselfl. This is an easy process because of Trumpia’s advanced automation features, and the fact that our software is enabled for two way conversations.

  • A bubble with a question mark in itAsk Questions and Schedule Interviews Via Text

    The reality is, not every candidate is going to get a follow up interview. Whether it is because they are not qualified or because they did not fit a certain criteria, there are a lot of reasons not to waste your time or the candidate’s time. However, when you find a candidate, you need to make sure that you do not lose them, especially in a highly competitive job market. Use SMS texting in order to immediately schedule an interview. You can decide on a time with the prospective candidate either by asking them, or by sending them a link to a form where they can request an appointment. We highly recommend using external websites in order to automate the process even further while saving you valuable time.

    Two-way text messaging iconEngage Applicants With Two-Way Communication

    Candidates often have questions, concerns, and scheduling conflicts that need to be addressed. Two-way text messaging (also known as landline texting) makes resolving these recruiting issues much faster and easier. Candidates can ask questions, get quick answers, and notify potential employers of issues with their application on their own time while on the go.

Automated Use Case Templates for Recruiting

Trumpia’s Workbench comes with prebuilt workflows specifically designed to help recruiters streamline the hiring process. These include campaigns that our other recruiting customers have used to find great talent, and nurture them through the recruiting funnel.
Start with any template and customize it with your unique messaging.

  • Smart targeting iconSend Targeted Job Information

    Send links to relevant job postings, along with automated reminders to apply.

    Advanced SMS automation iconAutomatically Send Interview Reminders

    Send reminders to ensure candidates are on time and don't miss interviews, leading to a more streamlined interview process.

How Recruiters Use Trumpia


    “Trumpia offers a great software at a competitive price, but more importantly, we’ve been able to see measurable results.”

    - Ryan Neergaard, PR and Media Coordinator for Napa Valley Wine Train


    “Initially when we first signed up, their training and onboarding helped us quickly learn everything we needed to know. And their support staff continued to be very helpful from then on, handling everything promptly and without any issues.

    - Kelly Orlando, Senior Campaign Management at RMG Mall Media