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Text Marketing For
Car Dealerships

Car dealerships have always faced the same problem; getting enough qualified leads in order to meet their quota. Email, postcards, and phone calls don't work, and radio ads are costly and ineffective. That's where SMS comes in. Text marketing for car dealerships is the cost-effective way to reach potential customers and enables businesses to use sms marketing to close more sales, boost customer service, and ultimately generate more repeat business.

Sell More Cars with SMS Marketing

Engage with Customers with Text Marketing for Car Dealerships

Landline Texting for auto dealerships, send and receive text messages using the phone number you already operate and advertise. This way, you can text with customers without exposing your personal number. This let's your salesmen do tasks like answer questions, send quotes, or send restock alerts without having to expose their personal numbers. Plus it's all in a threaded inbox, so management can monitor messaging for quality control or training purposes.

Car recalls are serious and it can be a headache to get in touch with all the vehicle owners. Emails are rarely opened, and even if they are it is not immediate enough if there is a safety risk, and manually calling takes extensive manpower. Due to their 98% read rate, SMS for auto dealerships can quickly get in touch with their
customers to make sure that customers are aware of the recall and coordinate the best time for customers to bring their vehicles in for servicing. With our Omni Channel messaging feature for car dealerships, announce recalls across all channels including text, email, social media, and voice broadcast from our integrated platform, so customers are aware that they need to bring their vehicle in.

Trumpia's Smart Targeting for auto dealerships goes above and beyond the competition because it lets you specifically target your alerts depending on the customer's vehicle, so you won't be sending SMS alerts to someone who has a different model or who has already had a problem fixed, saving you time and preventing any confusion your customers may have.

Send Service Appointment Reminders

Service and repair visits are a vital part of any auto dealerships' revenue, so it's important that customers show up to their appointments. With SMS, send text reminders when customers are due for their next service appointment, or entice them with things like coupons for oil changes. On top of setting up appointment reminders, with Trumpia's powerful automation tool, auto dealerships can send service reminders to ensure that customers' vehicles are running smoothly.

If customers have any questions relating to their vehicle, Trumpia's Intelligent Text Bot system can function as an automated text messaging attendant that answers common questions by branching customers down messaging paths based on how they respond to texts. For example, a customer asking about an oil change will get the relevant information instantly, and you can even have our system do things like sending them a coupon to entice them to visit.

Lifetime Engagement With Customers Trumpia allows you to engage customers through every stage of the sales and service process.
Here's an example:

  • 01Advertise your dealership using a mobile keyword that enables customers to text in for more information or a quote.
  • 02With Landline Texting, you can use your office's existing phone number to text, rather than using your personal phone.
  • 03Send promotions for anticipated maintenance services.
  • 04Send automated reminders for test drives, maintenance reminders, and service appointments to reduce no shows.
  • 05Send mass alerts for things like recall notices, since emails and postcards get ignored.
  • 06Use SMS surveys sent through texting to gauge customer satisfaction and staff performance.
  • 07Drive revenue with new model announcements and promotions.

What People are Saying about Trumpia


    "Initially when we first signed up, their training and onboarding helped us quickly learn everything we needed to know. And their support staff continued to be very helpful from then on, handling everything promptly and without any issues."

    - Kelly Orlando, Senior Campaign Management at RMG Mall Media