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Text Marketing for Gyms

SMS for Fitness Centers & Gyms

Gyms and Fitness Centers thrive on being able to reach both potential and current members. But when emails are only opened 22% of the time, businesses need to turn to new methods to capture their members' attention. In order to stay ahead and compete with other gyms, more and more fitness centers are turning to SMS marketing to send them updates on new classes they are offering, or to run renewal drives. Text marketing for gyms and fitness centers is the best way to boost revenue and improve your member satisfaction.

How to Use Text Marketing for Gyms

Get More Members

Getting your gym started with texting is vital for getting you new members, and it's easy. The first thing you need is a text keyword to secure subscribers. You can display this in your gyms, collateral, or ads. You simply reserve a mobile keyword like "GetFit" that subscribers can text in. When they do, the texting software will automatically capture their phone number so you can message them.

Once a subscriber opts themselves in, they will automatically get a response (AKA an "auto-response") to confirm their subscription to your text messaging list. You can also automatically send them more information about your gym to get them to sign up. And if you have a sophisticated system, auto-responses don't have to stop there. Send your customers additional questions to learn more about them, and each auto-response can ask a new question so that you can learn about what they are looking for from your fitness center.

SMS onboarding message for new gym members
Fitness center welcomes a new member with an SMS message

Welcome New Members

Send new members welcome messages along with helpful information like facility hours and how to sign up for classes. With certain more powerful texting software, you can even target your new members with more relevant information to help them get started with the classes that they're actually interested in. For example, if someone joins your gym but is only interested in weight training, don't send them information about your Zumba classes. This will only annoy them and lead them to opt-out of your messaging program.

Send Out Promotional Offers

Increase membership by sending out offers to interested parties or give members discounts for recommending their friends to your gym. Certain SMS software for gyms can even keep track of whose clicked on your promotional links, so you can automatically do things like resending the link if they don't click it within a month.

SMS promotional offer for subscribers interested in fitness
Job applicant is happy to receive answers to her questions through an SMS message

Send Class Reminders

One of the best ways to increase class sign ups and participation by sending out text reminders. With texting's high read rate, you can rest assured knowing that your reminder is seen. With Trumpia, you can also take that interaction a step further. For example, get an early headcount of who is able to make it to the class so the instructor can prepare. For those who say they can't make it, automatically send them a link to your class schedule so they can sign up for another class.

Improve Customer Service

As you're likely already aware, keeping your members happy is paramount to your success. A texting software for fitness centers can help a lot with this via SMS surveys. With such a high response rate, sending out satisfaction surveys via texting will significantly boost the amount of feedback you get and the quality of service you provide your members.

Cellphone with a text message conversation showing Trumpia's survey capabilities
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Boost Member Renewal Rates

Renewal is important but it's also a hassle. But if your SMS software is capable, integrating with your member management system could help save you a whole lot of time. Imagine being able to automatically send a quick text to members before their renewal date comes up without having to lift a finger.

Trumpia Case Study

Trumpia has been working with fitness centers like the YMCA in Grand Rapids for years. The YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids in Michigan began a program to teach parents about healthy diets and exercise, but struggled to find an effective way to contact these parents. Trumpia enabled the YMCA to send multiple text messages each week to more than 400 parents and participants.

  • the ymca

    "All in all, Trumpia has been really effective. One of the best features that Trumpia offers is their one-on-one contact between a designated Trumpia representative and our organization. This has been immensely helpful whenever I have random questions or inquiries about the system. Trumpia also offers several blogs and articles that have provided me with ideas and suggestions that enhance our campaigns."

    - Megan Streeter, Data Specialist at YMCA

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