SMS Marketing for Restaurants

You tried email and flyers but they don't work, and radio ads and mobile apps are too expensive. That’s where text messaging comes in, giving you a direct and cost-effective way to reach your customers while they’re on-the-go. Trumpia’s industry-leading and powerful SMS automation platform will help keep your restaurant generating profit year round.

Use Cases

  • 01 Send Promotions

    98% of text messages are read, making it the most effective way to reach your patrons.

    • SMS and MMS Messaging: Send text promotions and reservation reminders, as well as MMS picture messages of your menu.
    • Mobile Coupons: Send mobile coupons to attract the 77% that are more likely to go to a restaurant during off-peak times if they received a discount.
    • Omni-Channel Broadcasting: Announce upcoming specials through texting, picture messaging, email, and social media.
    • Smart Targeting: Sort customers based on their coupon redemption behavior history so you can target more relevant offers in the future. For example, create a list of everyone who used your “Steak” coupon and then send them relevant specials.
    • Auto-Campaign: Send your customers a coupon link. Then, if the customer has not redeemed it, our automation can send them a reminder a few days before the coupon expires.
  • 02 Improve Customer Satisfaction

    Repeat business is vital to your success. Trumpia helps keep customers happy with:

    • Landline Texting: Enable patrons to either call or text your existing business number to request reservations or place an order, rather than be stuck on a call or on hold. This also lets you text patrons without having to use your personal number.
    • Interactive Text Response: Automatically answer questions about location hours, give directions, and parking instructions.
    • Automated Reminders: Reduce no-shows with automated reservation reminders.
    • SMS Surveys: Gather feedback to improve the dining experience with powerful surveys that have 5x the response rate of email surveys.
  • 03 Better Manage Employees

    Whether you have multiple employees or multiple locations, it is important to keep things consistent and secure.

    • Shift Scheduling: Send employees their shifts, and quickly cover missed shifts as texting is 60x faster than email.
    • Access Control: Limit which features each member of your team is allowed to access based on what’s relevant to their job.
    • Custom Messaging Templates: Maintain a consistent brand image across all your messages by creating custom templates for all of your stores.