SMS Marketing
for Restaurants

Restaurants thrive or fail due to their ability to get people in the door. While traditional methods of advertising like flyers, radio ads, commercials, and email have their place, they are expensive and increasingly getting fewer results. That’s why businesses are turning to restaurant text messaging in order to get more customers interested and promote their specials more effectively. Trumpia’s industry-leading and powerful Text Marketing software for restaurants allows them to get more customers in the door and generate repeat business year round through targeted communications and intelligent automation.

Get More Customers with Restaurant Text Messaging

With text messages, it’s now easier than ever to connect with customers in real time. This is great to send restaurant text messages about timely deals and promotions, especially since the average response time for a text message is 90 seconds!

With SMS marketing for restaurants, send out promote weekly specials in order to increase the number of customers. Do you have a new item on your menu? An efficient and effective way to get your dishes promoted is by sending a mass text.

A popular way texting is used for restaurants is to send coupons or special promotional offers to customers. With Trumpia’s Smart Targeting, restaurants can send customers specialized coupons and offers that are most relevant to them. By doing this, the likelihood of a customer returning to your restaurant will increase and provide consistent revenue.

Communicate with Guests using SMS Messaging

People are busy and plans often change, so it is important for restaurants to make sure reservations are kept. A text message reminder for restaurants will make sure your customer don’t forget their reservations. By adding two-way texting, allow your customers to cancel their reservations which means you are able to eliminate empty tables, allowing your revenue to be more consistent on nights where you are booked.

Feedback from your customers is crucial and if any issues with your restaurant, you’d want to address them before they end up on review sites like Foursquare or Yelp. Through SMS surveys, gather information from your customers about what your restaurant is doing well and where you can improve. Or get feedback by sending out text message polls to ask about what type of menu items customers would like to see or what types of promotions would bring them into the restaurant.

Manage Employees Better

Whether you have multiple employees or multiple locations, it is important to keep things consistent and secure. For larger restaurant chains, an important aspect to consider when conducting marketing and communications is to maintain brand continuity across all locations.

Access Control gives restaurants the ability manage multiple users under a single account, restricting access to only necessary features for each location. Messaging templates are shared between users and locations to ensure all restaurants are sending similar looking messages and produce a consistent holiday

experience.This makes sure that only employees you trust represent your brand, and ensures that your messaging stays consistent across

Scheduling employee shifts extremely difficult, as employees often make sporadic vacation plans or might miss a few days due to illness. If a situation occurs where an employee cancels a shift last minute, utilize texting to send a blast to all employees asking if they want to pick up some extra hours. This helps you maintain a consistent number of staff, send employees their schedules and quickly cover missed shifts.

Lifecycle Engagement with CustomersTrumpia’s SMS marketing software for restaurants goes beyond mass texting. It automates your communications with customers and employees throughout their lifecycle with your establishments. Here’s an example:

  • 1Create a mobile keyword and advertise it in all of your existing advertising media to secure sign-ups for mobile coupons, loyalty programs, and promotional offers.
  • 2Automatically collect information about your customers such as birthdays, dietary preferences, and even their favorite location.
  • 3Fill tables and increase revenue with targeted offers based on customer data, preferences, or behavioral history.
  • 4Take reservations or orders via text using your business’s existing phone number.
  • 5Send shift reminders and quickly find replacements for missing employees.
  • 6Use SMS surveys for restaurants to gather feedback and improve the customer experience.