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Text Message Marketing
for Restaurants

Texting For Restaurants

Every restaurant knows that in order to be successful and thrive, they need to have customers willing to try their restaurant. And with the world and technology rapidly changing, traditional methods of advertising, including flyers, radio ads, commercials, and more, are losing their place.

That is why so many people are turning to different and better alternatives, like Trumpia's SMS marketing software, for cheaper and more effective results. Learn how to use text message marketing for restaurants in order to generate more business for your restaurant by targeting certain customers and automating your marketing and communication efforts.

How to Use Text Message Marketing for Restaurants

  • SMS for restaurants iconGet More Customers with Restaurant Text Messaging

    The greatest benefit of using text message marketing for restaurants is that you are able to communicate and follow up with customers in real time. We highly recommend using Trumpia in order to send exclusive deals and promotions to your customers, who are more likely to engage with those kinds of content. Because after all, who doesn't love a good deal?

    You can take advantage of our text message automation here by sending weekly specials and deals in order to see an increase in the amount of customers coming to your restaurant. If you have a new menu item, new seasonal items, and more, use mass texting in order to let your customer base know in seconds!

    Integration IconManage Day-to-Day Operations Better

    Whether you have multiple employees or multiple locations, it is important to keep things consistent and secure. For larger restaurant chains, an important aspect to consider when conducting marketing and communications is to maintain brand continuity across all locations.

    Access Control gives restaurants the ability to manage multiple users under a single account, restricting access to only necessary features for each location. Trumpia also allows you to create messaging templates, allowing every user in your marketing and communication team to create unified and consistent messaging.

  • SMS messages iconCommunicate with Guests using SMS Messaging

    People are busy and plans often change, so it is important for restaurants to make sure reservations are kept. A text message reminder for restaurants will make sure your customers don't forget their reservations. With Two-way texting you can take and receive to-go orders and coordinate with any delivery drivers as needed. With Two-way texting you can easily take reservation requests as well as send reminders before their reservation so they make sure they show up on time.

    Critical alert sent through text message iconGet More Customers Signed Up For Alerts

    By setting up a text keyword like "Menu" for customers to text in, a text message system like Trumpia can automatically text them an MMS picture of your menu, and we can then text them further things like coupons in order to entice them to purchase. With Trumpia's Smart Targeting, restaurants can send customers specialized coupons and offers that are most relevant to them. By doing this, the likelihood of a customer returning to your restaurant will increase and provide consistent revenue.

  • Appointment reminders IconUse SMS for Employee Scheduling

    Scheduling employee shifts can be extremely difficult, as employees often make sporadic vacation plans or might miss a few days due to illness. If a situation occurs where an employee cancels a shift last minute, utilize texting as well as other channels to send a message to all employees asking if they want to pick up some extra hours. This helps you maintain a consistent number of staff, send employees their schedules and quickly cover missed shifts.

    Notepad iconGet Feedback with SMS Surveys

    Feedback from your customers is crucial and if any issues arise with your restaurant, you'd want to address them before they end up on review sites like Foursquare or Yelp. Through SMS surveys, gather information from your customers about what your restaurant is doing well and where you can improve. Or get feedback by sending out text message polls to ask about what type of menu items customers would like to see or what types of promotions would bring them into the restaurant.

What Restaurants Are Saying About Trumpia

  • jamba juice

    "Trumpia's SMS marketing provides us with the most direct, immediate and affordable way to connect with local residents and quickly build a loyal following. The return on investment we've enjoyed since we began using Trumpia's platform has been tremendous."

    - Brett Thomas, Owner of Jamba Juice Bakersfield