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Text Messaging for Hotels & Hospitality

Over two-thirds of customers prefer texting over phone calls for customer service, making it vital for the hospitality industry to integrate texting to boost how they interact with their customers. With text messaging for hotels, hospitality providers can reach their customers quickly, no matter where they are, especially when they are travelling. Trumpia's automation goes beyond simple mass texting by giving you the tools to boost revenue, streamline employee productivity, and improve guest satisfaction automatically.

How Text Messaging for Hotels Works

  • Icon of a clock on a phoneTexting for Room Service and Housekeeping

    Make it easy for your guests to request room service or housekeeping by text-enabling your landline. Use your hotel or concierge phone number for both voice call and texting. This lets your service staff or concierge reach your customers instantly and handle multiple requests at the same time, something they can't do with phone or email. Instead of calling your help desk for more towels or toiletries guests can text what they need and your staff can deliver supplies quickly.

    Customer Approval IconGuest Satisfaction Surveys

    With a 7.5x higher response rate than email, SMS surveys will get you better feedback instantly, meaning you can implement improvements quickly. It's also perfect for learning about your guests, like finding out if a business traveler is in the city often, allowing you to send them offers more often or add them to your VIP list. It's also perfect for catching any issues before they arise on Yelp or other review sites, allowing your management to make things right with customers and provide the best possible experience in the future.

  • SMS message offer iconSign Guests Up And Send Them Offers

    Signing customers up is as easy as setting up a text keyword for guests to text in. You can then get more guests to make bookings by sending mobile coupons using Trumpia's keywords or leveraging text-to-download for your mobile app. This is perfect for attracting repeat business and filling empty rooms during traditionally slow periods like the off-season.

    You can even automatically send targeted promotions with our Smart Targeting to customers based on their preferences, interests or behavioral history. For example, you can send SMS coupons to your hotel spa for vacation travelers, and mobile offers for your frequent business travelers. Not only will you increase revenue, but you'll increase utilization of your facilities and amenities automatically!

    Two-way texting iconStreamline Operations with Texting

    Free up your staff while still fielding customer support questions. You can send a link about an event you're holding and then interested guests will get reminders for things like registration or travel plans. Then, have a text reminder automatically sent the night before the event to everyone who clicked the link. Text messaging for hotels is also the best way to communicate with your staff internally, as they need to be alerted for time-critical information or can get quick reminders about new tasks that need to be finished. Plus, there's no better way to cover open shifts than sending out a quick SMS to your staff asking them if they would like more hours for covering a vacant shift.

Text Marketing for Hotels In Action

Omni Dallas Hotel is a 1001 room luxury hotel, located in downtown Dallas, Texas. When tragedy struck the Dallas Police Department within close vicinity of the hotel, Omni Dallas needed to immediately communicate with employees to inform them that the hotel was safe. Fortunately, Omni Dallas was able to use the very same mass communication system they regularly utilized, Trumpia, for this special case. The Omni Dallas Hotel was able to immediately notify all employees of the event, keeping them and their guests informed as the crisis progressed, giving them peace of mind that is invaluable during critical situations.


    "It was very helpful to be able to notify all associates at one time. We were able to quickly get in touch with Trumpia staff to get a time restriction exemption, allowing us to message everyone during the event and through the night. It's very comforting and brings great peace of mind to know that we can reach our entire team during events like this."

    - Julie Palmer, Associate Director of Human Resources at Omni Hotel