Texting for HR & Internal Communications

Everyone texts. Your grandma texts, your children text, and your employees text. Now, organizations are tapping into this power for their employee communications. Trumpia's automation tools go beyond simple mass texting by targeting employees and automating manual chores for your team.

Use Cases

  • 01 Streamline Employee Communication

    Trumpia uniquely allows you to automatically create targeted distribution lists based on employee interests, click-through behavior, and demographics, so each message is highly relevant to the recipient.

    • Schedule targeted messages for company memos, benefits announcements, or onboarding reminders.
    • For part-time employees, schedule and confirm shift hours and find coverage quickly.
    • Text-enable your landline phone number to engage in two-way conversations with employees for sensitive topics such as incidence reporting or personal time off.
  • 02 Engage Employees More Effectively

    Trumpia makes sending important HR announcements such as policy updates, key memos, and even critical alerts more effective.

    • Solicit employee feedback via SMS surveys, which boast a 50% response rate.
    • Send birthday and work anniversary MMS messages to your employees that include pictures, videos or mobile e-cards.
    • Create fun and interactive presentations by asking employees to text their questions or answers to a big screen.
  • 03 Distribute Benefits Information

    Trumpia’s platform is perfect for sending employees benefits information and ensuring that the messages are read.

    • Schedule targeted reminders benefits re-enrollment deadlines.
    • Communicate via two-way texting to answer employee benefit questions.
    • Send employees reminders across email, text, and voice for important paperwork or tax deadlines.