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SMS Marketing for
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Texting for Marketing Agencies

While email is a proven way to reach your customers, it's effectiveness is limited. That's why more and more marketing agencies are turning to SMS marketing for marketing agencies in order to reach the widest possible audience. Trumpia's texting solution includes powerful targeting and automation tools that go further than common mass texting solutions, helping marketing agencies promote products and services and streamline their campaigns with automation.

SMS Marketing for Marketing Agencies: How Does it Work?

Promote Products and Services Better

SMS has an unmatched read rate of 98%, making it the most effective way to promote your agency and the brands you represent. That means texting can increase in-store traffic and revenue with mobile coupons. Trumpia's coupons can be tracked, so you can have automated reminders sent the day before they expire. This also lets you make new product announcements to all of your customers or just the ones who expressed interest in the product with our exclusive Smart Targeting.

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Use Email Marketing with SMS

It can seem counterintuitive to marketers to use something like email marketing when they themselves rarely ever open one of those emails. But no matter how strange it sounds, one thing is for sure: email marketing still gets results. The reason is simple: the stats show that email isn't just effective, but that it has the potential for a large ROI.

Over 95% of business professionals use email, making it the most effective channel for business-to-business marketing. So why does this matter for email marketing? Over 85% of US adults use their email daily, meaning a well crafted marketing email can have an enormous audience. Since emails are so effective and require such a small investment, their ROI cannot be denied.

Use SMS Marketing to Increase Brand Loyalty

By having customers opt-in to your marketing campaigns, you form a bond with them that can last for years. So it's important that you don't abuse that trust, and that you only send them messages that are relevant to their favorite aspects of your brand. Getting them to opt-in can be tricky, but luckily there are always some incentives you can offer. With a mobile coupon you can speak to your customers' wallets and it can be a great way to get them to opt in to receive your sales alerts.

Other benefits of using SMS marketing for marketing agencies include letting customers know about upcoming schedule changes like new store openings or new promotions. Texts should also include details about sales that are coming up soon, new products, and popular items that are back in stock.

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Attract New Customers with SMS Marketing

text keywords are great ways to get more interested customers. All your customers need to do is text a word into your business phone number to sign up to receive your offers. They are then added to a contact list automatically, so you can send them messages about new products, sales events, and more. You can even ask customers questions once they sign up. For instance, when a new customer texts in your keyword, you can ask, "What is your favorite clothing brand?" Their answer will be recorded, and when you have a sale on that brand you can send all interested customers information about the sale and a coupon to further entice them to come to your store.

Use Texting to Answer Customer Questions

You don't have to pay for multiple numbers if you want to have a dedicated customer service line. You can text enable (also called landline texting) your existing business phone number in order to reach the 60% of customers who would rather text than call for customer service. This has the added bonus of being far more efficient, as it allows your staff to handle multiple customer service or sales matters at the same time instead of being stuck on long phone calls with just one customer.

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Run Better Surveys

Besides getting info about customers and their shopping habits like what they actually buy, a text survey can get you more information that you can then use to better target your customers. If you have a service like Trumpia, our system can directly ask them the questions, and record their responses so you can better target them in the future. The survey should not be too long because you want your customers to actually complete it, but there's also nothing stopping you from incentivizing them. Sending a customer a coupon after they complete the survey will make them feel appreciated, and increase the likelihood of filling out surveys and visiting your stores in the future.

Automated Use Case Templates for Marketing

Trumpia's Workbench comes with prebuilt workflows specifically designed for marketers. These include campaigns that our marketing clients have used to great success. Start with any template and customize it with your unique positioning.

  • Charity IconWelcome New Customers

    Send new customers more information so they can get to know about your company along with coupons.

    Resume IconCustomer Surveys

    Take a survey of your customers to see what type of products and services they are interested in, and automatically create separate distribution lists based on their responses.

  • Discounted price tag iconSend Coupons and Reminders

    Send interested customers targeted coupons automatically as well as reminders before those coupons expire.

What Marketing Agencies Are Saying About Trumpia

  • katch

    "Trumpia's Auto Campaigns are far more efficient, especially since there is currently only one team member here who's in charge of the platform. It also makes the time in which we re-market to the individual instant, rather than waiting a full day to re-market in a bulk send."

    - Adrian Nam, Senior Marketing Manager at Katch

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