SMS For Marketing Departments

Text messages have revolutionized how we communicate, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily use. Trumpia’s powerful targeting and automation tools go further than common mass texting solutions, helping you boost revenue, increase customer satisfaction, and automate chores.

Use Cases

  • 01 Boost Revenue

    With a 98% read rate vs email’s 22%, text messaging is the perfect tool to increase customer interest and maximize your ROI.

    • Run text-to-win promotions to build your subscriber database.
    • Increase in-store traffic and revenue with mobile coupons.
    • Use our integrated platform to announce promotions via email, social media posts, and text.
  • 02 Send Targeted Promotions

    Marketing requires targeting. Trumpia allows you to send customers targeted messages based on their interests and behavior within our system.

    • Sort customers into separate lists to send only relevant messages.
    • Called Dynamic Targets, these lists update automatically in real time as subscriber information is added, deleted or changed.
    • Track behavior such as clicked links to better gauge interest and send targeted offers.
  • 03 Automate Campaigns

    Trumpia’s industry-leading SMS Automation carries out tasks for you, allowing you to dynamically engage customers and streamline operations.

    • Use our intelligent Text Bot to automatically answer frequently asked questions. It can even dynamically branch based on how the customer responds, directing them to relevant information.
    • Automatically send a reminder if a coupon is about to expire and hasn’t been used yet.
  • 04 Increase Customer Satisfaction

    64% of consumers say they prefer texting over voice calls for customer service.

    • Two-way texting allows customers to quickly communicate with you without the risk of phone tag or buried emails.
    • Text surveys get 60x faster and 7.5x more responses than email or postal surveys
    • Since our Smart Targeting sends only relevant messages, it greatly boosts customer satisfaction and minimizes opt-outs.