Over two-thirds of customers prefer texting over phone calls for customer service, making it vital for utility companies to integrate texting into their existing communication systems. That’s why more utilities and services companies are implementing texting as a vital part of their customer communication strategy. Trumpia's automation tools go beyond simple mass texting by helping target customers to drive revenue, provide better service, and automate time consuming tasks when communicating with your internal team.

Use Cases

  • 01 Provide Better Service

    Texting lets customers ask questions, report problems, and get more information without being put on hold or having emails lost in an inundated inbox.

    • 60% of consumers would rather text over call for customer service.
    • Keep customers updated with the latest status for when your field crew will arrive.
    • During an outage, your team can be scrambling to manage the problem with hardly a minute a spare. With Trumpia, you can automate communications with customers to keep them updated. See example
  • 02 Automate Time-Consuming Tasks

    Texting isn’t just for customers. Use the same platform to boost the efficiency of your staff communication.

    • Find shift coverage 60x quicker than email by using two-way texting.
    • Communicate corporate benefit information to your entire staff, even those who are always in the field.
    • Recruit new employees by promoting mobile keywords and filtering candidates for jobs that best match their qualifications.
  • 03 Upsell Customers

    Texting has an unmatched read rate of 98%, making it the most effective way to promote sales or special rates.

    • Target customers based on services they’ve shown interest in.
    • Send promotions via SMS, MMS, email, voice, and social media from our integrated platform, so you can reach customers on their preferred channel.
    • Score customers based on behavior they take in our system like replying to a promotional message or clicking a link to target more relevant offers. See example