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Texting for Utility Companies

Whether it is something small like a brief service outage or something as big as a downed powerline, service companies have adopted text messaging for utilities. Over two-thirds of customers prefer texting over phone calls for customer service, and 97% text at least once a day, making it vital for companies to integrate SMS into their existing communication strategy. Trumpia's SMS marketing software go beyond simple mass texting by helping target customers to drive revenue, provide better service, and automate time consuming tasks when communicating with your internal team and your customers.

How to Use Text Messaging for Utilities

Improve Customer Service Efficiency

No one likes waiting on hold. In fact, 33% of customers hang up immediately when put on hold, and the rest will only wait an average of 13 minutes before doing the same. Your representatives are limited to one customer when they are on the phone, but with landline texting, your service representatives can use their customer service skills to simultaneously assist multiple customers at the same time, increasing efficiency. This both provides customers quicker overall response time and allows your service representatives to work with more than one customer at a time.

When a customer doesn't have time to wait on the line, your representatives can text a customer to schedule a follow up call at a more convenient time as well as send a reminder. This allows you to cater to your customers needs and will leave a positive impression of your service with your customers. This also helps you cut down on queue times and leads to your reps using their time in the most efficient way possible.

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Communicate with Field Staff Seamlessly

Your staff travels far and wide to reach all of your customers, so often radios don't reach far enough or cell reception is spotty. Two-way texting eliminates these issues because text messages are available almost everywhere, and they typically get read within seconds of delivery. This is perfect for last minute service changes or communicating with them during a critical situation, like a downed power line or natural disaster. Plus if you have any staffing shortages you can quickly find replacements.

Improve Service with API Integration

By integrating a SMS API like Trumpia's into your company's systems, you can automatically send messages to your customers about pending bills, provide account alerts, synchronize customer information, and more. This will help eliminate repetitive tasks that take up a lot of your reps' time and give them more opportunities to follow up with customers and handle their queues more effectively and efficiently.

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Boost Satisfaction with Automation

Some questions, like account balance inquiries, can be answered quickly and with little to no human intervention needed. With the right SMS platform, businesses can allow customers to text keywords and receive this type of information automatically. To get the most out of texting for customer service, companies need an automated text message platform that works for them. Trumpia offers comprehensive SMS software that utility companies can use to provide virtually any type of customer support service, and we provide automation that is second to none.

Improve Your Utility's Service with Surveys

We've all heard when we call into a utilities' customer service department that our call may be monitored. With text messages, your managers can read the threaded conversations your reps have with customers and easily see if quality and service standards are being met. And, after the customer has been helped, you can send them an SMS survey to learn more. SMS surveys are ten times more likely to be completed than traditional email or paper surveys, meaning you will get a lot more feedback and can convert that feedback into better service overall for your company.

Cellphone with a text message conversation showing Trumpia's survey capabilities

What Clients are Saying About Trumpia

  • the ymca

    "All in all, Trumpia has been really effective. One of the best features that Trumpia offers is their one-on-one contact between a designated Trumpia representative and our organization. This has been immensely helpful whenever I have random questions or inquiries about the system. Trumpia also offers several blogs and articles that have provided me with ideas and suggestions that enhance our campaigns."

    - Megan Streeter, Data Specialist at YMCA

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