Implementing SMS Into Your ATS and Recruiting Process

text messaging for recruiting

Text messages have revolutionized how we communicate, quickly becoming our go-to channel for daily personal and professional communication. Texts have a near-perfect read rate of 98% and are responded to 7.5x more often and 60x faster than email. Trumpia helps you tap into the power of texting for recruiting, helping you to quickly fill positions and find the right candidates for the job.

In this blog we’ll first cover how integrating SMS into your ATS system can truly revolutionize how you recruit, and then we’ll cover how texting can help streamline your recruiting process overall. Let’s get started!

What is ATS integration?

ATS (applicant tracking system) integration is connecting other programs via API (Application Programming Interface) into your ATS system in order to streamline your internal operations. If you choose a powerful API to integrate, like Trumpia’s, you can do things like have contact data in your ATS automatically update depending on what you learn about the candidate, or send SMS or MMS messages to candidates directly from your ATS’ user interface.

Integrate SMS with Zapier

SMS isn’t just limited to blasting candidates, it can be integrated to carry out common tasks for you. With Trumpia’s Zapier integration for instance, Trumpia automatically works with the applications you already use on a daily basis for recruiting, no coding required.

For example:

We also offer full REST, HTTP, and SMTP APIs, so you can seamlessly incorporate our capabilities into your other existing applications.

Now that we know what ATS integration is, let’s cover why texting is so great for recruiting!

Get More Applicants

Job hunting can be overwhelming, especially if you are working and exploring new opportunities at the same time. That’s why companies that make it easy to apply or learn more information about job openings have a massive advantage over the competition. By choosing a SMS partner like Trumpia, you can increase the number of qualified candidates by blasting your current contact list of potential recruits and getting new signups with mobile keywords. And if you choose an omni-channel provider like Trumpia with the combined power of SMS, MMS, email, social media, and voice on a single platform, you are virtually guaranteed to reach your entire applicant pool quickly.

Next, you can create your own custom online signup page, or use our SMS response based automation. When you have a new opening, instantly sort candidates based on any combination of their qualifications, like someone who has 15 years of experience, and wants to be a manager in your Seattle office. This way, you send only the most relevant openings to candidates, rather than bombarding them with jobs that don’t fit their qualifications or experience.

Stay Connected with Your Applicant Pool

Engage candidates through every stage of the hiring process, so you never miss an opportunity to find the right fit and move applicants down your funnel. With SMS you can easily send interview reminders, answer questions with two-way text conversations, or send SMS surveys to gain valuable feedback on your recruiting efforts.

With Landline Texting, you can also use your existing business number to send and receive text messages, taking advantage of high open rate and quick responses without having to expose your personal mobile number. This allows you to build relationships with your recruits, making them more likely to follow through with the application process.

Save Time by Automating your Recruiting Process

The old adage still holds true: time is money. By choosing a partner with SMS automation, like Trumpia, it will save you both time and money by automating the manual tasks that would otherwise consume your entire day. This is perfect for things like sending automated reminders for job fairs and interviews, and instantly sorting contacts into separate databases so that you can send them only the most relevant messages pertaining to their applications.

You can also use our software to build complex auto campaigns. This saves your recruiters valuable time by automating repetitive tasks that eat up a lot of their day. For example, after a job fair, schedule a personalized, automated message to the candidates you met, and include a link to your website with your available positions. If someone clicks the link but doesn’t apply for a job, send them a text the following week to ask if they’re still on the market.

We hope this has been enlightening and helped show you why you need to be using SMS in your recruiting process. Learn more about text messaging for ATS here!