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Personalized Customer Journey
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Build Customer Journeys with Powerful

What is a Personalized Customer Journey?

A personalized customer journey is a customer relations concept where a company or organization learns about its subscribers and sends them targeted, personalized SMS marketing messages. While some SMS services claim they can do this, very few can track customer behavior and preferences as well as capture their data. There is a distinct difference between sending a few message blasts with simple personalization (like just including their name) versus an orchestrated campaign that can tailor messages based on their history of behavior and collected data.

Instead of a collection of isolated SMS marketing features like mass texting, you can build customer journeys with Trumpia; from the initial opt-in and nurturing, to conversion and the feedback loop. No competitor can match what we do because our automated workflows are easy-to-use but also powerful. Our workflows can automatically carry out interactions with every single subscriber, something that would be impossible without automation.

Why The Personalized Customer Journey Matters

It reduces opt-outs

It reduces opt-outs

Customers want to feel like they are valued, and sending repetitive and untargeted messages will just lead to more opt-outs.

Increase Conversions

Customers are far more likely to make a purchase if you send compelling and highly relevant product information.

Increase Conversions
Boost Repeat Business & Upsell

Boost Repeat Business & Upsell

When you maintain a positive relationship (by not spamming them and sending targeted messages) with customers, you can use that valuable relationship to sell more.

Boost Brand Satisfaction

By offering personalized customer journeys, your subscribers will be more satisfied and more likely to recommend your product

Boost Brand Satisfaction
Get More Reviews

Get More Reviews

When customers are satisfied they are more likely to leave positive reviews which in turn generate even more business for you.

Stages of the Personalized Customer Journey

Many of these tasks can be seemingly performed manually but only work from one stage to another and require too much manpower. With Trumpia you can automate the entire journey (stages 1-10) 24/7, no manual intervention required.

  • 01

    Collect contacts and/or synchronize your databases via API or other integrations like Zapier.

  • 02

    Gather more information by automatically capturing subscriber behavior and responses.

  • 03

    Automatically filter your database based on subscriber interests and behavior.

  • 04

    Nurture contacts via SMS, MMS, and email. Include links in your messages and track whether the subscriber clicks on them.

  • 05

    Our personalized SMS marketing software dynamically interacts with subscribers based on how they respond to your messages.

  • 06

    Automatically nurture contacts based on what you know about them to send customized and relevant messages.

  • 07

    Score contacts based on behavior that you can use to further target messages.

  • 08

    Answer questions via two-way texting using your existing business number. With Trumpia you can even automate the FAQ process.

  • 09

    Send text surveys that branch automatically so you ask for more precise feedback.

  • 10

    Send follow-up messages automatically to upsell and extend the customer lifecycle.

Maximize Sales and Grow Your Business

  • Maximize Sales and Grow Your Business
    Maintaining Customer Journeys without the help of automated workflows is manually intensive, not timely, and prone to human error. Simply put, effective journeys cannot be done by hand. Fully automated systems like Trumpia (Workbench) can be set to operate without needing to lift a finger or monitor it every day.