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Church Texting Software


Texting for Churches

Using a church texting software can help you improve services and event' attendance; follow up with new visitors or even your existing congregation, share important announcements with your community, and collect useful information for upcoming activities. SMS marketing is very low-cost compared to other modern forms of communication, and offers a much higher engagement, with a 98% open rate.

Church Texting Software Use Cases

Church engages members with SMS messages

Engage Your Congregation with Texting

Texting for churches lets you send messages to your entire congregation! Just collect their phone numbers using text keywords, then send engaging messages like prayer requests, community updates, ministry information, and event updates. Even better, landline texting lets you have two-way conversations with congregants using the phone number you already own.

Illustration of a text message conversation that shows churches can request donations via SMS

Use Texting for Donations

Churches need donations to keep programs funded throughout the year, and texting for churches is a great way to get them. It gives donors a simple process where they can make a donation to your organization and move on. Announce the program during your services for maximum exposure, and send a text with a link to your church's donation page for increased engagement.

Send text reminders illustration

Send Text Reminders

Text reminders can be programmed to let people know about upcoming events a few days in advance, or even during the same day of the event. Trumpia's church texting software allows you to send real time updates on location, time, and even cancellations. You can also use text reminders to better organize your staff, improving internal communication and making every activity organized by your church smoother; which is something your congregation will definitely appreciate!

Church inscreases mass attendance with SMS messages

Boost Service Attendance

You can automatically schedule messages to your congregation on what's coming up and encourage them to attend. It could be a service with an unusual time, like Christmas, or it could be a special event, such as a guest speaker or online service. Sending out text surveys can also help organizers gauge interest and get a general head count.

Illustration of church member receiving an event reminder SMS message

Send Event Updates

Things are always subject to change at a moment's notice, and meetings could always be canceled or postponed. Meeting rooms could be changed. A scheduled event could be canceled because of inclement weather. Or, a pastor could be called out of town unexpectedly. Mass texting can alert people and make sure your members are kept up to date.

Illustration of an employee crossing things off their to-do list

Organize Your Staff

With our church texting software, you can manage your worship groups, youth programs, maintenance teams, and make sure everybody's on the same page. Send reminders on events, coordinate and schedule volunteers, send same-day updates with specific information like time and place, and much more. Move and inspire both your congregation and team by offering religious services that are perfectly organized via text messaging.

Automated Use Case Templates for Churches

How can you send different messages to your followers, your team members, and the community in general? How can you set when to send those messages, or when should they stop? The answer to those and many other questions is Trumpia's Workbench. This is a very intuitive, easy to use tool developed by Trumpia that allows you to create complex and effective text messaging workflows. You can start from scratch or customize one of the many preset templates included in Workbench. No coding knowledge needed!

What Churches Are Saying about Trumpia


    "With Trumpia's text messaging service for churches, you can reach who you need to reach instantly, no matter where they are."

    - Blair Farley, Director of Communications at Mariners Church

  • EKKO EST.2008

    "Trumpia has been one of the most effective platforms we've been given to spread the word, gain support, and provide information to our church members. We're already dreaming about how to use it for our next big event!"

    - Isaac Chong, Operations Director of Ekko Church