Everyone texts. Your grandma texts, your children text, and your congregation texts. That’s why more and more churches are turning to texting to reach their members. Trumpia’s powerful targeting and automation tools go further than common mass texting solutions, helping churches increase fundraising, automate chores, and engage their congregation in ways no other system can.

Use Cases

  • 01 Engage New Members

    Texting allows for a more convenient and anonymous way for new members to gain information about your church. Trumpia’s software does so much more.

    • When a new member texts your keyword, automatically get to know them by asking if they want a meeting with the pastor, new member information, or holiday events.
    • Text-enable your church’s existing landline number, so new members can text the same number they would usually call and get a response quickly without worrying about having their voicemail go ignored.
    • Invite new members to participate in missions and send reminders automatically to people who haven’t responded.
  • 02 Communicate with Your Congregation

    Texting is perfect for keeping your congregation up-to-date about meetings and mission updates. But that’s not all our software can do.

    • Better engage youth ministries by sending automated retreat reminders and information about volunteer opportunities that match their interests.
    • With access to text, voice, email and social media you can reach all of your members via their most preferred communication method.
    • Collect prayer requests via mobile keywords and automatically text them back with options including receiving a call from the pastor, having their prayer anonymously included in a newsletter, or picking a prayer group to join.
  • 03 Increase Fundraising

    Trumpia makes it easy to encourage giving with text-to-donate keywords. But our software doesn’t stop there.

    • Send links to your donation page and track who completes the form.
    • For those who fill out the form, automatically send them more information about the impact their donations are making.
    • Automatically sort your congregation based on the types of missions they want to help fund, so you can send more relevant updates.