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Text Marketing for
Insurance Agencies

Text Message Marketing for Insurance Agencies

Insurance agencies have a lot on their plate. That's why more and more agencies are turning to text marketing for insurance in order to reach their customers no matter where they are in order to provide the best possible service. Trumpia helps you tap into this power for your insurance business. Our advanced tools take you further than common mass SMS solutions by helping insurers get more customers, improve collections, and boost customer retention.

How to Use Text Marketing for Insurance

  • Appointment reminders IconStreamline Insurance Meeting Scheduling

    A fact that should alarm most companies is that on average 336 hours are dedicated to open enrollment each year, but only one hour is spent actually selecting their benefits. This is a sign that HR departments need to adapt the way they schedule meetings to save time and effectively discuss insurance open enrollment plans. Texting can be used to help alleviate the troubles of scheduling meetings by streamlining communications, and then with landline texting your reps can reach out to employees to get scheduling sorted.

    With an SMS service provider, you'll be able to establish personal two-way communication through your existing business number, also known as landline texting. Your reps can then have a one-on-one conversation with your employees to schedule insurance meetings at their preferred time and at their own pace. By using your existing business number to send bulk SMS, employees will be familiar with who to contact in order to schedule a meeting with their representative.

    Phone IconIncrease Open Enrollment Awareness

    Traditional techniques for sharing open enrollment dates and deadlines include sending emails, mailing postcards, printing infographics, and answering questions through call centers. Unfortunately, all of these methods have proven to be expensive and time consuming. A quick and cost-effective way to increase awareness of your company's open enrollment period is to use text keywords, opting in for your employees to receive text alerts that are read 98% of the time.

    By advertising a text keyword you can sign employees up and track which employees have received the essential information and are aware of the upcoming healthcare enrollment period. By creating multiple keywords, you can effectively sort your employees into specific distribution lists to send targeted enrollment information. By choosing to send these messages via bulk SMS instead of traditional methods, you will save valuable time and resources while maximizing employee awareness.

  • Image of a subaccountSecure More Leads

    With 98% of all texts being read, SMS offers unmatched potential for collecting leads and turning leads into customers. In fact, one Trumpia client improved to a 15% conversion rate. You can then automatically collect more information from leads by sending prompting text messages to capture their answers.

    You can then use the collected data paired with our Smart Targeting to send only relevant insurance information and alerts automatically. Score customers based on behavior they take in our system and on your webpage to target more relevant offers. For example, if one of your auto policyholders scores highly for interest in "home insurance", you can automatically send them bundling discount information.

    Icon of a satisfied customer leaving a 5 star reviewBoost Customer Satisfaction

    For the same reasons you prefer texting with your friends over calling them, text messaging for insurance agents is the most effective communication channel for engaging with customers. With our SMS marketing software, you can even text-enable your office's existing landline number to answer questions. This lets you share updates with clients and collect critical information during the claims process including sending and receiving picture messages of damage. Trumpia offers the combined power of SMS, MMS, email, and voice in a single platform, so you can reach your customers no matter their channel preferences.

  • Trumpia allows users to integrate with the software they already useUse Automation to Quickly Answer FAQs

    Utilizing texting to share the benefits of your insurance plans should eliminate a majority of questions your customers have. However, there will occasionally be customers left with additional questions, such as "When does my coverage start?" and "What do I do if I'm in an accident?". An SMS service makes answering these questions a breeze, where you can create automated answers for all frequently asked questions.

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