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Text Messaging For
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Texting For Media & Entertainment

When you run a media or entertainment company you need to be able to reach your audience, wherever they may be. SMS marketing is the perfect solution since your audience always has their phone with them, meaning you have the most powerful way to reach your audience no matter where they are. That's why more and more people in the industry are flocking to text messaging, and they are seeing amazing results. Whether it's for event promotion or customer engagement, Text messaging for media & entertainment is the best way to get content in front of your audience no matter where they are.

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    Harness Your Social Media Following

    Jump A Roos, an indoor Family Entertainment Center, used texting and social media announcements to set a record attendance day that topped the previous record admission figures by a whopping 83%. When you run an entertainment company nowadays, you are only as powerful as your social media following.

    That's why SMS is so effective at driving traffic to your website or social media pages, as you can display things like text Keywords (short words customers text in to get more information) across social media and on your website, and this allows you to grow your list of contacts so that you can send them better and more targeted offers in the future.

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    Use SMS Marketing to Send Better Promotions

    As an entertainment company you have to be able to offer relevant offers to your customers in order to draw interest. When you run campaigns like two tickets for the price of one, you can get more customers interested, increasing the likelihood that they will buy something. Mobile coupons are redeemed 10x more than paper ones, so you will see a dramatic uptick in sales if you send the right promotions to your customers. New customers can be given a special offer to sign up to receive your updates, and then you can leverage these customers and send them information about new events or activities.

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    SMS Surveys Actually Work

    Getting feedback about your programs and events is crucial. Don't spend time sending out paper surveys, or wasting money on costly focus groups. Send surveys via SMS instead, as they have ten times the response rate of paper ones, and are far more interactive. If you choose a provider like Trumpia, you can send branching automated surveys that can get you feedback from customers in interesting and actionable ways, meaning you have a better idea of what your customers are willing to spend their hard earned money on.

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    Follow Up With Fans After The Event

    Everyone should be thanked for their attendance, and since texting has been how you communicated before and during this event, continue the effort by sending an appreciative post-event SMS message, or perhaps a MMS picture from the event. It's also an opportunity to slip in a quick mention about your business so they associate you with good times. You also can consider including a "save the date" with info about the next event you are hosting.

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    Keep Customers In The Loop With Texting

    With text messaging, send your customers updates about any upcoming projects your company is working on. Whether it's updates about new events, promotions, or signings, SMS is the best way to broadcast information to your customers. The 87th Force Support Squadron (87FSS) uses mass messaging and multiple keywords to boost event attendance, and keep their audience informed about events they're interested in. When you choose an intelligent SMS solution like Trumpia, you can target your customers based on things like their interests or location.

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    Promote New Shows

    With text marketing, you can easily send your audience information about upcoming shows and where they can be seen (and how to buy tickets). People are busy, so sending them updates when they are on-the-go is a great way to promote your content and get as many eyes as possible on it. Plus when you send them updates about shows they are interested in, they are more likely to check out your new ones in the future, a win-win for both you and your customer. The day or week before an event you can send them an automated reminder to make sure they remember to attend.

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    Blast Text for Internal Event Coordination

    Mass texting isn't just for communicating with your customers, it's also perfect for staying in touch with staff and making sure they do their tasks in an efficient and timely matter. When you need to coordinate an event or conference, one of your biggest stressors is making sure things run smoothly. Being in charge of scheduling and mobilizing your staff is important, but any hiccups in communication can snowball quickly.

    Whether it's 10 employees or 200, keeping tabs on all of your staff when you are running a busy event is hard. Create different lists of employees based on their function, so you can tell food servers when a conference goes long in order to keep food fresh, but then also quickly tell your setup crews to get a stage ready.

    Maybe the best part of texting for event communication is that it is two-way. You can alert staff that an area needs cleanup, and they can text you when the area is ready. This allows you to keep tabs on staff in real time and ensures that communication during any hiccups can flow freely both ways.

What Media and Entertainment Companies Are Saying About Trumpia


    "Trumpia helped us build the interaction reporting we were looking for. Initially when we first signed up, their training and onboarding helped us quickly learn everything we needed to know. And their support staff continued to be very helpful from then on, handling everything promptly and without any issues. Everyone loves Text-to-Win, and the response rates have been great."

    - Kelly Orlando, Senior Campaign Management at RMG Mall Media

  • Your MWR at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst FORCE SUPPORT SQUADRON

    "We are definitely seeing more interest and excitement about our events now that we can send the information directly to our customers. And with the fact that people can now opt-in for the exact information they want to know, we are building customer relationships that we wouldn't have been able to maintain before."

    - Catron Holland, Marketing/Publicity Assistant & Social Media Director, 87th Force Support Squadron

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