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Text messaging for Real Estate Agencies

Real Estate Agencies are turning to texting more and more as an exciting new option to communicate with both buyers and sellers. 40% of buyers and sellers want to communicate via text message over phone calls, so savvy agents are shifting to texting in order to better serve their clients. Both parties - agents and buyers - are too busy throughout their day to answer phone calls. Text messages are the perfect way to leave a message that people can get back to without having to stop and schedule a call for every little question. Real estate agencies need to use Trumpia Real Estate text messaging software in order to collect new leads, communicate with tenants, and automate interactions in order to make sure operations run smoothly.

How Does Our Real Estate Text Messaging Software Work?

The Trumpia edge for Real Estate Agents is the fact that we offer Lifecycle Engagement. This simply means that our Real Estate text messaging software is not just a one time use, and instead, you can continue to use our services for repeated service with the same client, or to engage with new leads.

  • Dedicated short code iconAttract More Clients

    In order to attract more potential clients real estate agencies need to use keywords. Text keywords are a simple word or phrase you have potential clients text in order to join your messaging lists.There are no forms, buttons, or any other additional task that you need to complete. Be sure to post this keyword everywhere, including online and at open houses on any signs you have around town. This can be especially useful for anyone that is interested in a home - they can just text your number to learn more.

    SMS messages iconUsing SMS To Answer Questions

    Clients would rather text rather than call, so they can avoid buried emails or playing phone tag. With an Real Estate text messaging software with Landline Texting, you can text-enable your business's existing phone number. Let clients text instead of calling to schedule a walkthrough, ask about the neighborhood, or get a status update on how you're selling their home.

  • Icon of a for sale signMarket Your Properties

    As potential buyers walk around their desired neighborhoods and see your "For Sale" sign on a home's yard, how can they find more information? Even if you leave a phone number on the sign to call, for many people, it can be too intimidating or even inconvenient to call to merely see a little more. Our software offers an effective solution.

    Place a unique text keyword on your signs for each property. It can be an abridged version of the home's address or a descriptor of the home. When the interested person texts the mobile keyword to your number, they can immediately be texted a link that leads to more information.

    SMS for unions iconBoost Attendance at Open Houses

    98% of text messages are read, meaning SMS messages are the most effective way to market your open houses to interested buyers. With Trumpia, send automated reminders the day before, and send MMS picture messages or links to a video tour, helping to further drive interest. Capture all open house attendees by having them simply text your keyword and automatically follow up with them 2 or 3 days later with a link with more details on the home.

    You can even use Link Tracking to automatically do things like send a nurturing drip message another week later to those who showed interest by clicking the link.

  • Icon depicting multiple housesSend New Home Postings

    Get eyes on a new property by mass texting a link to all your buyers. Better yet, Trumpia is able to capture more data on buyers like how many bedrooms they need or at which price point. You can then use Smart Targeting to sort your clients into separate dynamic lists based on what they're looking for, so you can target relevant listings. For example, if a 3-bedroom home in the suburbs is listed for $700,000, don't send it to clients who are looking for a downtown studio for under $500,000.

    MMS picture IconSend Property Photos with MMS

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and nothing sells a home like a stunning photo. With MMS messaging, you can send interested buyers photos of your properties or even a virtual tour, so you can entice them to set up a walkthrough.

What People Are Saying About Trumpia

  • Florida Dreamscape Vacation Rentals

    "Without [Trumpia's] automated system, messages would show up too early or too late. [Trumpia] allows me to automatically send the messages at the appropriate time. It's like having a personal assistant for a fraction of the cost. I'm planning on expanding to two more properties, but with Trumpia, I can do more and make more money without doing more work."

    - Tom Hagen, Owner of Florida Dreamscape Vacations