Automated Text Message

Text Automation Made For Your Business

What is Text Automation?

Text automation is the process of sending SMS (also known as text) messages to customers and contacts automatically. Text automation is a relatively new marketing channel, but it’s effectiveness cannot be overstated.

Automated texting software can streamline business communication, making it easier for you to run your business and provide customers with quality service. With a text automation software in place, you can build a platform to reach potential customers more quickly, get more customer feedback, and manage your staff and operations more effectively. Solid communication is essential to running a successful business, and an automated text message program gives you the resources and time to get everything done.

With automated text message providers like Trumpia, businesses can send highly targeted and relevant text messages to your contacts, automatically. This will minimize opt outs and improve customer engagement automatically, leading to higher engagement rates and a better ROI on your marketing campaigns.

Why You Need Automated Text Messages

Studies have shown that over a third of consumers have opted in to be contacted by businesses, with the number only growing. Businesses who use this information to reach their customers to information of anything from an appointment or the latest sales promotion.

Over a third of consumers have signed up to be contacted by businesses, and that number is only growing. Businesses who are smart about this and take advantage of text automation are sure to see the ROI in their investment. Here are some statistics showing why:

  • Text Messages Are Seen

    Only 22% of emails get opened. 98% of text messages are!

  • Texting Messages Are Fast

    90% of texts are opened within 3 minutes, making it the fastest way to reach your audience.

  • Text Messages Are Engaging

    Automated text messages have an engagement rate that is up to 8 times higher than email.

  • Texting Messages are Popular

    89% of consumers say they want to text message to communicate with a business, but only 48% of businesses are equipped to do this.

Getting Started with Automated Text Messages

When your organization is ready to take the next step and use automated text messages, there are a few steps you need to take. First you need to choose a text automation provider, like Trumpia. Text automation providers give organizations the tools to send automated text messages and engage with their customers.

Using Automated Text Messages

Once you’ve decided on an automated text messaging provider, you need to do a few things to grow your audience.

  • Sign Contacts Up

    When you want to get started with text automation, the first thing you have to do is build a contact list. Regulations say you have to have consent from your contacts before you can message them. There are 3 easy ways to do this:

    1. 1.Mobile keywords allow your contacts to opt in to your campaigns. This makes it so you can capture their phone number and send them automated text messages in the future.
    2. 2.Online signup pages let your customers opt themselves in to receive your messages by filling out their information and giving you consent to send them automated text messages.
    3. 3. You can sign up existing contacts for automated text messages provided you have their express written consent to do so. You can then import this to your text automation software easily.
  • Send Your Automated Messages

    Once you have built a contact list, you can now send automated text messages. First you need to compose your message and select which contacts you want to send it to Then you choose the date and time you want the contact to receive your automated text messages, when applicable.

Best Practices to Get Signups

Once you've decided on the many merits of using a mass texting program for your business and client communications, you'll want to increase your data base so that you can reach as many potential customers as possible. That means encouraging new subscribers to the program. While that may seem daunting, there are a number of easy ways to beef up your subscriber list. Below are just a few:

  • Make Subscribing Easy

    Potential subscribers aren't going to jump through hoops to join your automated text m essaging lists. If it's not easy to subscribe, they won't spend the time to figure it out. That means doing things like having a link with an easy-to-complete form on your home page. You can even make signing up as easy as texting your keyword to a designated number.

  • Offer Incentives

    Simply being able to get all of the latest information about your organization probably isn't enough to entice most people to subscribe to your mass texting program. Instead, consider offering a drawing for some kind of prize or gift certificate from all of the subscribers during a specific period or during a vendor event.

  • Use Multiple Channels

    You never know where a potential customer will first notice your company. It could be on your website, one of your social pages or even your print advertising. Be sure to have a way for all of these readers to sign up. Just because a potential customer is reading your brochure doesn't mean that they don't use text messaging.

  • Have Employees Sell Your Campaigns

    Make sure that your employees all know about your text messaging marketing campaign and have them ask customers to sign up at cash registers or during conference calls.

Text Automation Use Cases

Now we want to cover how different types of businesses and organizations have used automated text messaging to better engage with their audience. This will help businesses and organizations determine some of the best use cases for automated text messaging to meet their objectives.

  • Retail - Reach Customers Effectively

    Reach your customers to let them know about sales or store openings.

    • Use automated text messages to announce sales or new product offerings.
    • Send an automated text message with a survey or coupon in order to drive customer engagement.
  • Churches - Reach Your Congregation

    Automate your reminders about service times or event reminders.

    • Send automated text messages about ministry updates or activities.
    • Send automated text message to remind your congregation to donate to your church.
  • Hotels - Fill Empty Rooms

    Automated text messages are perfect for sending text reminders and information about your hotel.

    • Automate your text messages for things like spa appointments or restaurant reservations.
    • During conferences to keep everything running smoothly, sent out automated text reminders to your attendees.
  • Recruiting - Get More Candidates

    Text automation is the best way to keep in touch with candidates and make sure new hires get settled in.

    • Text automation allows you to send reminders to candidates to make sure they turn in paperwork on time.
    • Eliminate no-shows for your hiring events or interviews by sending an automated text message reminder.
  • Restaurants - Send Promotions to Customers

    Make text messages the best way to reach your patrons and fill your tables during slow periods.

    • Send automated text messages with mobile coupons to get more customers in during off-peak times.
    • Send out reservation reminders so customers don't forget.
  • Medical Offices - Automate Reminders

    Text automation is perfect for sending reminders to help patients remember their appointments.

    • Text automation can integrate with your existing scheduling software allowing you.
    • Automate periodic health reminders like letting patients know that a new flu season is starting and they need a shot.

The Trumpia Text Automation Advantage Trumpia’s text automation solution does more than the simple functionality of our competition. This includes:

  • Automation

    Trumpia’s automation allows you to set your text automation campaigns to run themselves. The software automatically carries out predetermined tasks for you whenever a specified trigger or condition is met. This is perfect for things like sending a reminder a week after sending a form to those who haven’t completed it yet, send a more enticing coupon to customers who haven’t used an initial coupon, or simply send a birthday offer a week before the customer’s big day.

    • Trumpia’s Auto Campaigns can carry out complex automated text message campaigns without you needing to program anything on your end. You just set our system up to send text reminders to your contacts and our software takes care of the rest.
    • Trumpia’s Auto Campaigns can carry out complex automated text message campaigns without you needing to program anything on your end. You just set our system up to send text reminders to your contacts and our software takes care of the rest.
  • Smart Targeting

    In order to stand out from the crowd, it’s increasingly important to cater to your customers’ growing desire for more personalized and relevant messages. Our Smart Targeting lets you sort contacts into separate distribution groups based on any criteria you want, from customer demographics and specific interests to their behavior. This allows you to only send automated text messages to your customers, and it reduces the headache of sorting them yourself, saving you time and boosting your company’s brand.

    • Our Smart Targeting lets you send automated text messages but automatically targets them for you, leading to better engagement and fewer opt outs.
    • Trumpia’s distribution lists automatically organize themselves in real time whenever your contacts update their information or when a new contact is added or unsubscribed.
  • Lifecycle Engagement

    Trumpia takes pride on something none of our competitors offer – Lifecycle Engagement. Our platform is more than just a collection of tools like text reminders, it is an automated engagement platform that helps you meet the needs of your customers.

    • By providing automated, intelligent text reminders, subscribers are more likely to stay subscribed to your messaging campaigns and become advocates for your business.
    • With intelligent text reminders you will see fewer opt outs and more customers engage with your messaging campaigns.
  • Omnichannel Messaging

    Trumpia isn't just for SMS text reminders, we have other channels for sending reminders and messages to your contacts.

    • You can send voice reminders too, ensuring you reach 100% of your audience no matter their preferred channel.
    • Our email comes with many of the same advanced features that our text reminders have, including scheduling, targeting, and analytics.
  • API

    Thousands of customers come to Trumpia for our highly scalable messaging API, one of the core features being automated text reminders. On top of that, customers stay with our API because of our unmatched support, powerful tools, and the ability to send reminders and messages through other messaging channels.

    • Short codes can take a long time to provision and are expensive. Trumpia includes a shared short code that's ready for you on day one, as well as other number options.
    • You don't have to only send text reminders. Our messaging solution allows you to send messages across all channels, including text, email, and voice broadcasts.