Mass Text Messaging For Schools

Students and parents hardly ever check their email on time, but they always check their phones. So, it’s not surprising that text messages are almost five times more likely to be read. This is why more schools are turning to mass texting as their key channel for connecting with their students and parents. Trumpia goes beyond simple mass text announcements by offering industry-leading automation and engagement tools that will help schools communicate throughout the entire process - from registration and student engagement to parent communication and college placement.

How Mass Texting Can Be Used For Schools

  • 01 Send Announcements

    Trumpia offers a variety of ways to ensure your messages are seen.

    • Text Alerts:Prioirtize the safety of your students and send out mass text alerts in seconds.
    • Event Reminders: Instead of using flyers, inform and promote your events with text messages and MMS!
    • Communicate with Parents: Send mass texts and reminders to parents so they can receive the latest updates on their student and school.
  • 02 Answer Questions

    Being able to respond to student and parent questions quickly is paramount to ensure your school runs smoothly.

    • Landline Texting: Faculty, administrators, and counselors can exchange text messages with students and parents using their existing phone number. This allows them to have text conversations with students without having to expose their personal phone number. Now, students can communicate with counselors quickly without having to play phone tag, or have their messages buried in email.
  • 03 Get Students Prepared For College

    It’s vital to get students ready for college or trade schools. Trumpia automates simple task like sending reminders for application deadlines, and even more complex campaigns, like targeted scholarship offerings, saving your staff valuable time and energy. For example:

    1. 1After a college fair, you can send a link to a form to learn more about the interests of those who attended.
    2. 2Based on their response in the form, you can automatically send more information about your programs and course offerings that match their interests.
    3. 3Then, schedule a follow-up message containing information about scholarships that are offered for that college or in that field, all automatically.
  • 04 Texting for Critical Situations

    When a critical situation arises on campus, seconds matter. That’s why texting is the best way to alert student, staff, and parents during events like dangerous weather or criminal activity.

    • Yes/No: This offers a rapid way for students and staff to indicate whether they are safe or not. Your administration can then follow up with those who indicate they are in danger.
    • Interactive Text Response System: Trumpia can also automate certain tasks, allowing you to focus on more demanding matters. See example