Text Message Marketing For Nonprofits

Imagine how much more your nonprofit could accomplish if 98% of your audience actually read your fundraising and volunteer messages. Trumpia’s powerful targeting and automation tools go further than common mass texting solutions, helping nonprofits increase their donations, get more volunteers, and engage their members in powerful new ways.

Use Cases

  • 01 Get More Volunteers

    Texting lets you communicate with potential volunteers in a fast and convenient way. Better yet, Trumpia can do this all automatically without you lifting a finger.

    • Obtain electronic signatures quickly by sending the link via text. Then automatically send reminders to those who haven’t signed a week before the deadline.
    • Turn passive supporters into active volunteers by segmenting them into groups based on the the topics they’re interested in, and sending targeted drip campaigns.
    • Easily communicate with volunteers during events to coordinate where to go or what to do. With landline texting you can answer any questions they have quickly.
  • 02 Engage Your Members

    Trumpia makes it easy to make sure volunteers and donors are engaged and feel appreciated.

    • Solicit feedback quickly and easily from your members with branching SMS surveys that get you better responses.
    • Text-enable your landline to allow your members to text in their questions and carry out conversations with your staff about your cause.
    • Invite members to events that they would be interested in. Then, send reminders the day before when the event comes up in the scheduling software you already use.
  • 03 Increase Donations

    Texting has a response rate 750% higher than email, making it the most effective way to promote your cause and solicit donations quickly. Trumpia’s automation does even better.

    • Boost membership using mobile keywords, and increase donations with text-to-donate campaigns. You can then send these donors updates and periodic reminders to contribute more.
    • Our Smart Targeting can help you target your members based off of their interests, so they stay happy with your messaging and don’t opt-out.
    • Automatically send reminders about upcoming fundraising and volunteer events when the date comes up in the scheduling application you already use.