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Texting Service for Nonprofits

SMS For Nonprofit Organizations

A successful nonprofit organization relies on great communication with their members and volunteers. Whether it's a political group, religious organization, or a charity, our texting service for nonprofits can bring multiple benefits.

That's because texting can help bolster your network and increase communication with members and the people they serve. Nonprofits can use text message automation to alert members of important issues, boost event attendance, and fundraise more effectively.

How to Use Trumpia's Texting Service for Nonprofits

  • Dedicated short code iconMake it Easy for Members to Join

    With Trumpia, you can set up a text keyword to capture even more than just a phone number: you can ask questions about the type of information they're interested in and automatically capture their responses. You can then use this information to sort your members into distinct groups so they only receive messages they're interested in.

    SMS messages iconKeep Members Informed

    Keep your members in the loop by updating them through text messaging for nonprofits to ensure important updates are seen. With Trumpia, you can even include links that lead to more information or picture and videos in your text message too. Then, track who clicks the link and who doesn't, so you can automatically send follow ups.

  • SMS for unions iconBoost Event Attendance

    Drum up excitement and boost attendance for events using text messages, rather than emails that go straight to the spam folder. You can also schedule alerts to go out at a specific time/date. Better yet, if you already use a scheduling software like Calendly or Google Calendar, you can even integrate Trumpia with them so they do things like automatically send a reminder for the event as the date comes up in that software.

    Mass two-way texting iconCoordinate Staff and Volunteers

    Another great way nonprofits can use texting is to send weekly messages to volunteers to give them assignments and coordinate events. Texting is especially great for large events, since keeping potentially hundreds of volunteers coordinated with phone calls or email is simply too large of an ask for busy nonprofits.

  • Increase revenue with sms messagesMaximize Your Donations With SMS

    Getting more donations is vital for a nonprofit to continue their mission. Trumpia allows nonprofits to set up an easy to use text keyword to drum up support from potential donors. When they text in that keyword they will instantly get a link in response. They can then click that link and be directed to your giving page.

    And with a sophisticated system like Trumpia, you can save yourself time by implementing our automated system to run certain functions for you. So if the member doesn't click the link within a week, you can do things like automatically send a reminder, or automatically send more information about the projects their donations would help fund.

    Increase revenue with sms messagesReach Out to More People with Mass Texting

    Nonprofits can greatly benefit from mass texting because they can send thousands of messages that can be targeted to different contact lists. With Trumpia, you can do this in a much more precise and convenient way. Our texting service for nonprofits allows you to schedule the messages to be sent at different hours or dates; attach links to your text messages, and even view statistics of your text message campaigns so you can see what's working.

    A nonprofit can use mass texting for a fundraiser, in which donors can receive a text message with a link to add their contributions and even reply through two-way texting. You can also create a massive campaign to recruit and organize volunteers via text message, make announcements on activities or important events that affect your nonprofit organization: for example, mass texting was crucial to share updates and preventive information during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Automated Use Case Templates for Nonprofits

Trumpia's Workbench comes with prebuilt workflows specifically designed to help nonprofits reach their goals. These include campaigns that our other nonprofit customers have successfully used to streamline operations and better serve their causes.

  • Text message bubble and pencil iconSend a Link to Obtain Signatures

    Have supporters text in a keyword and Trumpia can automatically forward them to your online petition pages, potentially reaching thousands of people with just a keyword.

    Cellphone and checkmark iconVolunteering Surveys

    This workflow allows you to ask questions to find out what causes your supporters are most passionate about and gauge their interest in volunteering.

  • Blue and white text bubblesText-to-Donate

    Set up a special donation mobile keyword. When texted, our system will automatically send a message with an embedded link that leads to your donation page. Then, if they don't click that link, you can have a reminder automatically sent a few days later.

What Nonprofits Are Saying About Trumpia

  • Special Spectators

    "The transformation of the children on game day is amazing. When they arrive, they are maybe a little shy, but over the course of the day, you see them smiling and laughing, maybe for the first time since their diagnosis. And the reverse is true as well – kids will see parents smile for the first time in months."

    - Blake Rockwell, Founder of Special Spectators

  • 100,000 OPPORTUNITIES Initiative

    "Trumpia was very effective. We surveyed the kids, and 90% of them identified cell phones as the primary way they wanted to be contacted. And of that 90%, 90% of them opted in for our texting program."

    - Daniel Yao, 100,000 Opportunities Initiative