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Text Marketing for
Retail Stores

Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores

Most retailers are rethinking their strategies and looking for a better way to communicate with customers. That's why SMS marketing for retailers is taking off, because there is no more effective way to reach new customers than directly on their phone. Unlike other channels, text marketing for retail is a very easy and cost-effective way to boost your brand and engage with customers instantly.

Text Marketing for Retail: How Does it Work?

  • Illustration of two different survey responsesSend Out Text Message Surveys

    Besides getting info about customers and their shopping habits like what they actually buy, a text survey can get you more information that you can then use to better target your customers. Let people know about the survey by sending a text, and providing a link for them to visit. The survey should be mobile-friendly, since that's how most people will be ultimately taking it. If you have a service like Trumpia, our system can directly ask them the questions, and record their responses so you can better target them in the future. Sending a customer a coupon after they complete the survey will make them feel appreciated, and increase the likelihood of filling out surveys and visiting your stores in the future.

    Target your desired audience with SMS messages iconLearn More To Target Your Messages

    Trumpia's intelligent solution can ask customers for more information so you can send more targeted offers. For instance, when a new customer texts in your keyword, our system can ask questions like "What is your favorite brand that we carry?" or "What items do you typically shop for with us?". Their answer will be captured so when you have a sale, you can text all interested customers information about the sale and a coupon to further entice them to come to your store. The other side of this of course is that you won't annoy customers who aren't interested in that product type either.

  • Increase revenue with sms messagesImprove Retail Sales with Automated Text Marketing

    Streamline your sales process by automating text messages to efficiently guide customers to both online and in-store. A text messaging software like Trumpia can help you get more customers buying throughout the year. If a customer joins your messaging campaign for the first time, you can automatically send them a welcome message or a coupon for 20% off their next purchase. By sending deals through SMS, customers are far more likely to make the trek in-store or visit your shop online to take advantage of your promotions.

    Trumpia allows users to integrate with the software they already useUse Automation

    Text Message automation like Trumpia are even able to take some of the chores off your team's plate by automating the task of answering common questions. For example, a clothing store could set up a text keyword that customers can text to get help. When they do, they would automatically be asked if they need help with sizing, stock, or returns. If they say sizing, they could be asked if they are looking at garments for men or women, and if they are looking at a top or bottom. Depending on their answer, they could automatically be sent a link to the sizing chart for exactly what they are shopping for.

  • SMS message offer iconMake Sure Sales Events are a Hit

    An automated system like Trumpia is able to do some of the chores of surrounding sales events for you. For example, you could first send out an invite to the event with a trackable link that leads to more details. The day before the event starts, you can automatically send a reminder for the event. Then, a week before the event is over, automatically send a reminder to your customers who initially showed interest in the event by clicking the link.

    SMS for Human Resources iconUse SMS to Communicate with Staff

    Keeping up with scheduling can be a huge headache. Text marketing for retail stores helps solve this by allowing you to instantly communicate with staff about shift assignments or job priorities. There's no better way to fill a missed shift than texting all of your employees asking if they want to pick up more hours in order to fill a last minute cancellation. You can also carry out one-to-one text conversations with them via landline texting in order to better fill shifts or clear up scheduling issues.

  • MMS iconAttract Customers with MMS Marketing

    One great way to spread the word about your new products or sales is through sending an attractive and fun picture message. It's important for your messaging to be inviting, so if you include an offer like giving a discount if the customer shows the MMS message at the checkout, your customers will be more likely to go to your brick-and-mortar stores to reap the rewards. In fact, mobile coupons get redeemed 10x more often than traditional paper ones.

    Illustration of a bubble with a question mark in itUse Texting to Answer Customer Questions

    With Landline texting, customers can call or text your business's existing local number with questions about products or complaints. This is especially great for customer service, with 60% of consumers saying they would prefer to text over call. That's because nobody wants to risk playing phone tag, getting stuck on a long call, or have emails get buried in their inbox. This also allows your staff to handle multiple requests at the same time.

  • Growth iconAttract New Customers with Retail SMS Marketing

    Text keywords are a great way to sign up customers to receive special alerts and promotions. With a text messaging software, you can promote your text keywords in all of your existing advertising like your billboards, email chains, and in-store signage. Once they are added to your distribution list, send messages about new products, sales events, and more.

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Automated Use Case Templates for Retail

Trumpia's Workbench comes with prebuilt workflows specifically designed to help retail stores drive more business. These include campaigns that our other retail customers have effectively used to streamline operations and maximize their revenue.

  • Schedule SMS appointment reminders iconSend Shift Schedules

    Send shift schedules to your employees as well as reminders for upcoming shifts or deliveries.

    SMS message offer iconSend Promotions and Coupons

    Send tailored promotions and coupons to your customers to encourage them to visit your stores or purchase online.

  • Megaphone IconProduct Alerts

    Send targeted alerts for new releases to only those who expressed interest in those types of products.

    SMS message iconCustomer Surveys

    Get a sense of how customers feel about your products by asking them questions, then automatically send different messages based on how they rate you. For example, you could send a message saying a rep will reach out if they say they are unsatisfied, versus a link to leave you a review on Yelp if they were happy with their purchase.

What Retailers Are Saying About Trumpia

  • jacks SURFBOARDS

    "It's especially powerful to be able to run last minute promotions, using the immediate delivery of mobile text, and still achieve phenomenal results."

    - Nicole Stratton, Marketing Coordinator at Jack's Surfboards