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What is a Text Blast?

Text blasts are text messages that are sent to a large group of subscribers. They are used to communicate with customers and have been proven to be a great marketing tool for businesses. Trumpia's text blasts go above the competition because Trumpia is the only SMS marketing service that can send highly specific and targeted messages to subscribers with powerful automation. This, in turn, minimizes the chances of subscribers opting out of your campaigns and leads to a significantly higher ROI on your marketing and messaging campaigns.

Why Text Blasts Matter

So why bother with text blasting? Because 98% of text blasts are read, compared to just a fifth of emails! This means that a text blasting solution will be a significantly better investment than email because the vast majority of your audience can read a text no matter what phone they have.The other advantage is deliverability. SMS text blasts can be more reliably sent over data networks than any other form of communication, allowing you to start conversations no matter where your subscribers are. Plus sending a SMS blast is simple, takes seconds, and has a reach that far outweighs their low cost.Here are some statistics on why text blasts are effective for reaching your audience:

  • Text Blasts Are Quick Most (90%) text blasts are read within 3 minutes of delivery. That's what makes text blasts the most effective channel for getting you traffic for time-sensitive sales.
  • Text Blasts Are Effective Text blasts have a response rate 7.5x higher and 60x faster than email.
  • Text Blasts Are Popular Close to 90% of consumers say they want to text message to have conversations with businesses, but less than half of businesses are equipped to do this.
  • Text Blasts Are Engaging Text blast marketing has an engagement rate that is up to 8x higher than traditional email marketing.

The Trumpia Advantage

Trumpia's text blasts are intelligent and more effective than the ineffectual text blasting of other providers.

Automated workflows can carry out bulk texting campaigns for you

Automated Workflows

Trumpia can carry out complex marketing campaigns for you, saving both time and effort. Trumpia's automated workflows are so advanced that it can automatically send text blasts for you, dynamically sending different messages based on what you know about your subscribers. Trumpia's automated workflows can also automate your operations so that you eliminate repetitive chores and execute tasks reliably, 24/7.


Instead of a one-size-fits-all set of features, Trumpia allows you to create custom-tailored automated workflows, without any programming knowledge required. You simply drag-and-drop to easily build out a workflow to meet your business goals, or use one of our pre-built workflows and quickly change it to fit your needs. This in turn saves you from repetitive messaging chores and helps to reduce human mistakes. This capability is not found amongst other text messaging solutions.

Workflows can be easily customized to meet almost any use case
Targeting your messages is a must to reduce opt outs and increase customer loyalty

Smart Targeting

Trumpia's Smart Targeting will automatically sort contacts into different groups based on what you want to target about them. Trumpia can ask questions and capture answers automatically so that your targeting is highly accurate and does not require manual sorting and organizing. These highly targeted text blasts are actually relevant to the subscriber, leading to increased subscriber satisfaction and fewer opt-outs.

Multichannel Messaging

Trumpia isn't just for text blasting, we offer other effective channels like email, voice, and MMS (pictures and videos) so you can be sure that you reach your entire audience on their preferred messaging channel. Even more importantly, our messaging is highly integrated, so you won't send uncoordinated or irrelevant messages that could lead to opt-outs.

A subscriber is happy to receive an SMS message from a Trumpia client


Trumpia's SMS API is popular with our customers because of our highly-scalable and programmable text blasts. They stay with Trumpia for all of their API needs because of our amazing support, extensive tools, documentation, and a variety of messaging channels.


"Trumpia is a well-known marketing automation company with A-list clients such as Jamba Juice, Chick-fil-A and Omni Hotels & Resorts. We picked it as the best service for marketing campaigns because its standard plan offers robust automation and targeting features such as drip campaigns, dynamic targeting, link tracking and data capture. Its advanced plans include more intricate marketing features such as auto campaigns, conditioned drip campaigns, real-time targeting and behavior tracking."

Trumpia's software built-in integrations

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Text Blast Service for
Marketing All Businesses

Text blast services are ideal for SMS marketing or critical alert because of speed, open rate (98%),and their reach. Text blasts are used frequently for sending offers, reminders, and important alerts to your customers, helping you to drive traffic to your website or online store. In addition, targeted text blasts (like what you get with Trumpia) do even more, because you can send highly relevant messages to every single subscriber, maximizing the chance they purchase and minimizing the chance that they opt-out of your campaign because they feel spammed.

Minimum SMS Blast
Features to Look For

When you are looking for a text blast service you need to look for a few things to make sure you get the biggest bang for your dollar.

  • Ease of use SMS blasting services need to be easy to use and preferably accessible via a web browser.
  • Targeting A text blast that is sent without any form of targeting is more likely to lead to opt-outs and missed opportunities.
  • Automation Manual messaging takes too much time and manpower. An automated solution can handle messaging chores for you. Just make sure you look for true automation, not simple automation like auto responses.
  • Opt-out Management Your text blast service must follow regulations and allow subscribers to opt out of your campaigns
  • Reporting You need to be able to track your SMS blasts and see things like deliverability and opt-out rate.
  • Support Because of the sheer number of messages and the regulations around text blasting, you need a service that has support on hand to answer your questions or resolve any issues quickly.

Text Blast for Business: Use Cases

Since there are a wide variety of businesses that can take advantage of text blasting, we wanted to cover how text blasting has been proven to help organizations meet their goals.

  • Retail
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Marketing
  • Political Campaigns
  • Recruiting
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurants
  • Retail - Get The Word Out

    Since 98% of text blasts get seen by your audience, it is the most effective way to advertise your sales and get you more in-store traffic.

    • Text blasts are a great way to get the word out about new products or new location openings
    • Drive customers to your brick and mortar stores as well as online with mobile subscriber-only deals.
  • Churches - Engage Your Congregation

    Text blasts are the best way to keep your congregation aware of your services and activities.

    • After they text in a mobile keyword, you can forward new members to your church's site to learn more or to sign up for your newsletter.
    • SMS blasts are a great way to invite your members to join certain ministries, study groups, or sign up for church event reminders.
  • Schools - Reach More Students

    Text blasts help you reach your students and staff no matter where they are on or off your campuses.

    • When there is a critical situation, send a blast to all students, staff, and faculty to make sure they get out of harm's way.
    • Send an SMS blast for important deadlines like FAFSA or SAT signups.
  • Hotels - Boost Revenue Year Round

    Text blasts are a great way for the hospitality industry to get their messages seen and make sure they don't have any vacancies.

    • Sometimes you might have a slow week, which means sending a blast with special offers is a great way to make sure your rooms are filled year-round.
    • Mobile apps are important to the hotel experience. You can send customers links to download your app via an SMS blast and see a 6x higher click through rate than email.
  • Marketing - Boost Revenue

    Text blasts are the most effective way to reach potential customers and increase the ROI on your marketing campaigns.

    • Send a blast with a mobile coupon in order to make sure subscribers redeem your offers.
    • Send reminders for things like sales or if coupons are about to expire.
  • Political Campaigns - Rally Your Supporters

    Text blasts are a great way to reach out to your base and get donations because they are far more effective than phone or email solicitations.

    • Send a mass invite to your rallies in order to get a higher turnout and more volunteers.
    • Send SMS blasts to garner more donations from your supporters as well as give them updates on your causes.
  • Recruiting - Get More Candidates

    You text with your friends, so why not text candidates for job openings? Sending text blasts to your potential recruits is a great way to get more applications.

    • Send a blast to your recruits with new job openings that are relevant to their experience.
    • Use SMS blasts to send reminders for your job fairs or interviews. This can massively cut down on no-shows.
  • Real Estate - Market Your Listings

    Text Blasts are perfect for advertising your open properties and getting more buyers interested.

    • With an SMS blast you can send new property listings to different groups of buyers based on what they are looking for.
    • Send MMS pictures of your new properties so that buyers can see what they are getting before they commit to an open house.
  • Restaurants - Send Promotions to Customers

    98% of text blasts get seen, meaning it is the most effective way to fill your empty tables.

    • Over 70% of customers are more likely to visit a restaurant at off-peak hours if they receive a mobile coupon.
    • SMS blasts are perfect for announcing new specials or holiday events. You can even send a MMS blast with pictures of your new entrees to entice customers.

How to Send a Text Blast

Text blasts have to be sent through a text blast provider like Trumpia. Luckily SMS blasts are both cost effective and easy to use, so getting started with your messaging campaigns takes minutes, not days. Once you've decided on a text blast provider, here are the steps you need in order to send bulk text messages to your customers.

In order to send a text blast you need a contact’s consent to message them

Sign Contacts Up for Text Blasts

In order to send out an SMS blast, you have to have a database of subscribers to message. These subscribers need to opt themselves in to receive your messages. There are three different ways to get these opt-ins.

  • Text keywords are short words that contacts can text to a number in order to opt themselves into your text blast campaigns. Text keywords are effective because they are the most low-effort and convenient way to opt your contacts in.
  • Online signup pages (sometimes called OSPs) are another form of opt-in where contacts fill out a form on your website in order to opt themselves into your text blast campaigns.
  • You can import existing contacts into your text blast database as long as you have expressed written consent that they want to receive your text blasts.
Sending a text blast is as easy as selecting a messaging list and composing a message

Send a Text Blast to a List

Once you have a database of subscribers, you're ready to send a message to your list. You simply have to log in to your text blast platform, select your audience, and compose your message. Then you have the option to attach MMS pictures, links, or schedule when you want your message to be sent. Then you just have to hit send!

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Best Time to Send a Text Blast

There are no proven best times to send a text blast, but there is some evidence that sending a message during lunch time (between 11:30 and 1:30) has the highest chance for engagement with your subscribers. In addition, there are some suggested days that are more effective. For instance, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are deemed best days to send messages, and Monday is considered the worst due to subscribers typically being busier at their jobs or schools.

Is Text Blasting Legal?

Before you send your first SMS blast, you need to be aware of a few text blasting regulations. There are laws and regulations enforcing how you send text blasts, how consent is received, and what content you are allowed to send. Here is a brief summary of the two most important regulations:

Federal Communications Commission Logo Federal Communications Commission Logo


The TCPA, or Telephone Consumer Protection Act, is a federal law that controls how you send messages to phones. Some of the major points it covers are:

  • You must have expressed written consent or an opt in from mobile keyword before sending a text blast.
  • Non Solicitation messages (e.g., internal communications, emergency alerts) require documented written or verbal consent.
  • Solicitation messages may be sent only from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the recipient's time.

For more information, please refer to the following resources:



The CTIA, or the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association, is an agency created by mobile carriers to monitor how you run your messaging campaigns. The following forms of content are prohibited:

  • Adult content (e.g., nude dancing clubs, escort services)
  • Illegal or illicit drugs (e.g., marijuana)
  • Alcohol, tobacco, or firearms
  • Gambling
  • Violence, death related messages, hatred, or profanity

For more information, please refer to the following resources:

SMS Blast FAQs

How Much Does Text Blast Cost?

Typically a single text message costs a fraction of a cent. So when you scale this up to a text blast of hundreds or thousands of contacts, the text blast message might cost you a few dollars (on average).

Are Text Blasts Illegal?

No, they are legal. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you must get permission from your subscribers to send them messages, and you must allow them to quickly and easily opt-out should they desire to.

Can I Schedule a Text Blast?

Yes! Scheduling them should be very easy depending on the software you are using. Just make sure to schedule the blast for an appropriate time when your customers are awake, otherwise you risk opt-outs.

Can I add images/videos in a text blast?

Yes. MMS messages can have images or videos attached to them, although they may cost you slightly more than a typical SMS message blast.

Can I add links to a Text Blast Message?

Yes. Just make sure you have an SMS marketing software that allows you to shorten links so that your message can include additional content aside from the link (no one likes reading long URLs).

Are Text Blasts Effective?

Yes. 98% of text messages get opened, making SMS blasting almost 5 times more effective than email blasting or any other form of communication.