The Ultimate Guide to SMS Marketing

CHAPTER 05 Collecting Numbers

A. How to Get Opt-Ins

There are three ways to collect opt-ins. We’ve already covered mobile keywords and online signup pages, but another way to get opt-ins are with written disclosures. These allow you to send marketing messages to customers, but to do so you must have express written consent. You can get this by including the option for customers to opt themselves in to receive your marketing texts when they fill out forms or visit your website and fill out a form.

B. Do’s and Don'ts of Collecting Contacts

Do :
  • Provide proper disclosures on advertisements.
  • Get written consent or e-signatures from all subscribers before sending text messages.
  • Log all proof of consent in case it is requested.
  • Follow all CTIA and Carrier guidelines for restricted content. Restricted content includes:
    • Hate Speech
    • Firearms
    • Illegal Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco
    • Gambling
    • Death Threats
    • Adult Content
  • Use double opt in for Online Signup Pages, which automatically sends a confirmation text to the new subscriber.
Don’t :
  • Buy lists because you do not have consent from those contacts.
  • Send promotional messages if they didn't consent to promotional messages.
  • Mislead customers on the content or frequency of messages they will receive.
  • Assume that customers have given consent to receive messages. Mistakes can happen.
  • Send a message before you get consent to do so. This includes messages asking them to opt in.

C. Importing Contacts

So now that you’ve done the hard work of advertising your messaging program, creating proper disclosures, and collecting contacts, it’s time for the last step: importing contacts. Importing your existing opted-in contacts by hand could be a substantial investment in manpower. Luckily, many SMS platforms like Trumpia have an option to import your contacts into your database for you. It’s often as simple as formatting your contact list in Microsoft Excel or Google Docs and uploading it to your texting software. That’s it!

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